Does Kylie Jenner Feels Sorry For Kim Kardashian After The Robbery?
Does Kylie Jenner Feels Sorry For Kim Kardashian After The Robbery?

Looks like Kylie Jenner is not scared of robbers despite Kim Kardashian’s unhappy story with the recent robbery. This Tuesday the star uploaded a snap of herself in a swimsuit. However, there was no reference to the incident that happened with Kim in Paris.

The photo dates back to August. Then the star travelled to the Caribbean for her birthday. According to multiple reports, the teen stayed in a $50 million property with her pals.

The photo is quite revealing. We suppose the beauty wanted to recollect her dream trip to the Pearls of Long Bay Estate.

The strange thing is that Kylie is the only one from the celebrity clan who started making posts on the Web after the infamous incident with her sister. We remind you that Kim Kardashian’s $10 engagement ring was stolen from her apartment in France.

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