Heidi Klum Teaches Her Children Empathy
Heidi Klum Teaches Her Children Empathy

Heidi Klum lives a blessed life. Truly, she does!

The star has 4 kids. She wants to know that appreciation, philanthropy and the empathy and humility lessons are used for her kids. And her desire makes sense!

The 43-year-old star talks with her children every day. Every evening the family sits down to dinner at 6 p.m. They cook together every morning they breakfast together. All this is very important to the beauty.

Heidi is mother to 9½-year-old Johan, 12-year-old Leni, 7-year-old Lou and 11-year-old Henry.

So, it’s not just sitting around and chatting, it’s about sincere feelings and quality time in a family.

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