Jennifer Lopez's Miami Wardrobe Staples Are Just $42 Each
Jennifer Lopez's Miami Wardrobe Staples Are Just $42 Each

Meet Jennifer Lopez and her seductive outfits!

The glamorous star is not shy of flashy outfits despite where she is: onstage, in the streets or anywhere else. Jennifer has proven that it does not matter how much money you will spend on your clothes as it is still possible to look good even if your clothes cost not much.

During the star’s work-out, she was spotted maintaining her scorching appeal. Lopez was wearing a $42 Naked Wardrobe cropped sweatshirt matched with dark yoga pants, fresh neon sneakers and Dita Talon aviators.

The singer was spotted in a ribbed mini dress featuring a daring slit and metal embellishments...attention!.. for $42 only! This outfit J-Lo used for a date with Alex Rodriguez. The body-hugging outfit was matched with jewelled triple-strap sandals by the star.

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