Ryan Gosling's Touching Golden Globes Tribute To Eva Mendes
Ryan Gosling's Touching Golden Globes Tribute To Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling won his Golden Globe Award for Best Actor this year for working on La La Land.

The actor’s touching speech to Eva Mendes, his partner, made lot of people to give away some tears. It looks like Kleenex has earned some extra at the time of his speech.

Referring to Eva, Ryan told that while he was dancing, singing and playing the piano, his lady was raising their kid being pregnant with the 2nd one. Besides, Mendes tried to help her brother struggling with cancer.

Gosling came to the conclusion that he would not have done it this far without Eva’s help. He thanked his sweetheart. Ryan dedicated his award to Juan Carlos Mendes, Eva’s brother. Ryan’s wife shared her thoughts about the touching speech in Instagram.

Mendes uploaded an ever-so-clever post presenting Jenelle Monae’s ceremony look. Eva confessed that it was not her favourite moment of the night. Though, that was her favourite style moment of the night.

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