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My journey in the music industry has led to some of my proudest moments, but also used to be my biggest insecurity. I’ve come a long way since then, and it finally feels fine to talk about this. Thank you to everyone who has followed me since the beginning - and to my new followers; welcome❤️ i am so humbled and grateful, and looking forward to share what’s to come with all of you
02/17/2021 08:59
???? 19.02.2021 ???? one of the dearest songs I’ve ever written. I can tell I’ll be nervous and feel vulnerable on friday, but fuck it - we all gonna die, and it’s better to die honest hehe. chao ????????
02/16/2021 07:58
02/15/2021 07:24
a lil secret; I can go from “im adelén and im a bad bish and no one can mess with me” to “im sorry I exist and said anything at all” and find it all rather confusing
02/15/2021 01:35
yey pandemic valentines<3
02/14/2021 10:31
happy weekend ya filthy followers ????
02/13/2021 05:05
Adenim on denim
02/10/2021 04:25
current issue
02/07/2021 12:49
tan básica en algunas cosas y tan compleja en otras
02/05/2021 04:28
yo im re@dy 4 spring and 4 r0na 2 b gone
02/04/2021 03:27
what I miss the most is meeting you all in person and share our love for music, and exchange energy and positive vibes together ????
02/02/2021 07:08
welcome to my teenage room / home office / safe space / my life the last month #mtvmycrib
01/30/2021 02:11

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