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Charlie insisted on the photo mid-bottle. Thankful everyday for my ????‍????‍????
01/11/2021 11:24
Even when I train alone, I know I’m not alone. I have my friends, family, and fans pushing me with every push-up, step-over, and strike. They may not be there with me on the training ground or in the gym, but in my head, I know they’re there, making me better every single day. And with them, there’s no limit to what we can get done together ????
01/11/2021 10:12
Six years of sunshine. Happy anniversary love.
01/01/2021 02:20
Merry Christmas!! ???????? ????
12/25/2020 07:15
T-1 week 'til Christmas ????
12/19/2020 12:23
That winning feeling ✨ Let's do it again this Sunday ????????
12/18/2020 01:27
Scoring better sleep thanks to @moleculesleep. Their products are my secret to quick recovery. Check them out, link in bio. #TeamMOLECULE
12/07/2020 08:08
When they tell you fans are finally allowed at our games ????????????????
12/05/2020 08:46
I want YOU to be my VIP in Tokyo! But first, we could kick the ball around together and I’ll hook you up with seats to our send-off match. Support Laureus Sport for Good USA and ENTER for your chance to win through my bio link or at #omaze @omaze
12/03/2020 08:25
She's pretty cool, I think I'll keep her.
12/02/2020 10:54
Wearing the crest is never taken for granted. Getting in my first USWNT game since having my daughter was a big milestone. Thankful to the other 11 moms who have paved the way on this team.
11/30/2020 04:07
My fav collection so far!!! I think you could guess why ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ @beateverybody
11/26/2020 12:48

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