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“I don’t want to look skinny, I want to look like I could kick some ass. ????” - @sommerray
04/12/2021 12:53
11am. 31.03.21 So excited to announce that drop 3 is launching TOMORROW! - 2 NEW colours of the original wrap bra & wrap leggings : sky blue & khaki. - New & improved fabric of the original black. A sleeker fit & with a matte finish. Set your reminders!!! Comment & let me know which is your fave colour. ???????? @themilatribe
03/30/2021 04:42
✨ MILA GIVEAWAY ✨ Want to win the entire 3rd collection in your size? 1) All you have to do is follow @themilatribe + @alexandralouise__ 2) Tag 2 friends in the comments and save the post. For extra entries repost this on your stories! Winner will be announced on the 31st at 9am on @themilatribe’s Instagram Stories. Giveaway open worldwide ???? Good luck my babes!!! ????
03/28/2021 01:02
This is not just any peanut butter & banana on toast - it’s got extra protein, tastes insane, satiating AND this bread & the protein trick are gonna change your life I prommmmise you!!! ???????? INGREDIENTS: 2 slices @jasonssourdough 25g of chosen protein powder 15g @pipandnut crunchy nut butter 1 banana sliced Splash water Sprinkle flaxseeds Sprinkle cinnamon METHOD: - Mix peanut butter & protein powder with a splash of water in a bowl until creamy consistency. (Add little by little as you can always add more but can’t take away) - Pop bread in toaster for 4 mins (this bread I find takes longer to toast but it’s sooo worth it!) - Chop banana into small slices to later on toast - Once slices are done in toaster, coat in peanut protein spread & top with banana slices. - Sprinkle flax like flax-bae & then finally your cinnamon. Ta-daaaa. Thank me later. Your taste buds are going to SCREAM. ???? TAG a friend that needs to try this ????????‍????‍????????
03/25/2021 03:12
Sunday’s... the day for reminding yourself who the F**K you are... NOT who others expect you to be. ???? You are perfect just as you are. You are exactly where you’re meant to be. You are enough & always have been enough.
03/21/2021 04:51
1 YEAR AGO TODAY: I moved into my first flat. Little did I know we would soon after go into global lockdown. I’ve spent the whole year building pretty much... ???? building beds, bicycles, chairs... building resilience, my own clothing brand... I’ve made some unexpected but amazing memories - working out with you all from home to twerking on zoom quizzes... hosting Christmas dinner & actually surprising myself at how incredible my cooking skills are. (I remember crying to my mum once that I’d never get a boyfriend cause I couldn’t cook - I’ve come a long way) ????????‍???? ???? I just can’t wait to actually have PEOPLE in my flat rather than just me on my Tod. Party at mine when Boris lifts the lockdown ???????????? (PS. I’m 30 in June so please everyone stay indoors for now) ???? What. A. Year. ROLL ON SUMMER 2021!!!
02/27/2021 01:38
Can’t wait to travel again soon... ✈️???? Which destination will you be flying to first?
02/26/2021 12:44
If your mum tells you you look cool, should you believe her? ???? (ps. thanks for the jacket, Dad) ✌????????
02/21/2021 01:53
Come & join me making my favourite meal of the day... ????????‍???? Main Ingredients: @thegreatbritishporridgeco @linwoodshealthfoods @pipandnut Hope you enjoy the recipe! ???? TAG a friend that needs to try this deliciousness ????
02/19/2021 12:47
YOU DON’T NEED A DEGREE TO BUILD A BUSINESS. I know this, because this is my story. I never went to university. In fact, I dropped out of my AS levels with only GCSE’s to my name... My life long dream of being a professional dancer got cut short due to a knee injury & other reasons. I spent years out of work, ended up in a toxic relationship where I depended on my partner for my happiness & experience. I spent endless nights thinking I was never going to sustain a job and would end up homeless. My friends even joked that I could never hold a job down, as soon as I got one, no sooner was I out the door. A 9-5 desk job was NOT FOR ME ???? I ended up finding a passion for makeup, which enabled me to meet people from the media industry. I absolutely loved it & I GRAFTED. I worked two jobs, one for bread & butter (restaurant), the other was my passion (makeup). It was tiring but I didn’t care, I had to make it work. I loved the variety, the ideas, networking, excitement... Through this, an opportunity presented itself & I ended up on a TV show myself... Yes my following grew, I had an audience... but how was I going to turn that into a long term business? ???? ???? The answer, by putting in WORK. By having a VISION, turning down deals that didn’t align with me, taking huge risks both personal & financial, constant self reflection, having set backs & picking myself back up... but most importantly, wanting to serve others. Your vision isn’t always clear, it sometimes falls off. But when the vision is rooted in authenticity, it always finds its way back. I’ve barely scratched the surface and I’m so excited to keep on building with this beautiful community of people... YOU. ???? If you’re feeling blocked right now, or that you don’t have certain qualifications to make it happen... don’t let it scare you away. Keep pushing. Keep striving. Align yourself with people who see & support your vision. Now go make your dreams a reality. ✨ PS. Never stop learning. You are ALWAYS the student. ????????‍????
02/16/2021 01:40
Do you know what’s amazing? Feeling empowered... but even better than that?! Seeing OTHER WOMEN feeling empowered. ???? The feedback from the first launch of my brand @themilatribe was sensational & the wrap leggings sold out QUICK time. ???? So we brought it back, but this time, in a marl material ???? obviously with the matching wrap bra too. We kept the iconic ‘diamond’ waist band to accentuate your beautiful bodies... the material is incredible quality, the leggings are of course SQUAT PROOF and the bra is so supportive. What more could a girl want?! ✨ Launching @ 11am on Weds 10th Feb! ✨ Don’t forget to set your reminders! ⏱ Last time was a sell out so don’t out this time! ????????
02/08/2021 08:45
Working on my glow from the inside out ☺️✨ - with a little help to keep it sustainable with the new PURE self tanning range from @bondisands! ???? (I’m a true Bondi girl!) This gorgeous new formula is transparent & develops in 6-8 hours with NO wash off required. ???? I love that this range is all about sustainability, the products are vegan & cruelty free. ???? Aswell as fragrance free, sulphate free, dye free & suitable for sensitive skin. The Sleep Mask is a favourite of mine as you can apply it before you go to bed & wake up bronzed to the gods! It’s honestly like you’ve come back from a lovely holiday ☀️ Also wearing the Dark Self Tan Foaming Water on my bod which I highly recommend ???? available at @Bootsuk ???? #bondisandspure #adsponsored #selftanning
02/08/2021 01:15

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