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POSITIVES OF WEIGHT GAIN: - feel sexier - get to eat more (woo!) - less stress/control - more freedom - more energised - more joy & happiness - more fun to be around - more cushion for the pushin’ - oh & turns out I actually do have breasts What have I missed cause I know there’s more?!!! If you’re on a weight gain journey, please don’t be scared. I feel so empowered where I’m currently at and getting back to a healthier body composition like what I was this time last year. There are soooo many benefits - keep going and don’t doubt yourself! ???????? I know it can be nerve wracking but I promise you, you will feel sooooo free. ???? Be compassionate & kind to yourself. ????✨
01/23/2021 05:12
If someone doesn’t understand your path, that’s okay. It’s not for them. This journey is for YOU and you only. ???????????? They haven’t walked a day in your shoes, so carry on flowing to that beautiful destination that’s out there waiting for you... ???? It’s all yours. Have faith ✨
01/22/2021 09:21
Quick reminder... You’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re trying to live someone else’s reality. If it doesn’t align with you, you will never be truly fulfilled/satisfied. ???? Stop comparing, start living beauties. ???? Don’t worry about what others be doin’ just worry about you. ???? Love u xxx (New @themilatribe pieces coming sooooon ????)
01/20/2021 07:22
Some of you may be aware that I’ve volunteered @soupkitchenlondon for a good few years now. I don’t normally post about it on here because it can sometimes be construed as seeking attention. ???? Absolutely absurd, I know. ???? However, last week I spent about 5 hours there preparing & serving food to nearly 150 rough sleepers. The Director asked me to use my platform to post and help them spread awareness about their mission and the people that they help. He said that, since March, they’ve doubled the number of homeless people they normally feed and that he only expects the numbers to increase. ???????? Over the years I’ve met & interacted with so many beautiful people that have just fallen on hard times. People that, at one point, had careers, had families, had homes and had purpose in life. People just like you and I. With this new lockdown, a lot of smaller charities have closed and will never reopen. If you’re able to, support your local charities by donating or volunteering your time. ⏰???????? We all have the power to make a difference to the most vulnerable people in our society and something as simple as talking to someone who doesn’t have much, can have an amazing affect. These lockdowns have affected everyone’s mental health, but if you’re homeless/vulnerable, it’s had an even greater impact. ???? Thank you for what you do @soupkitchenlondon - I’ll be back soon!
01/18/2021 03:21
2021: more laughs, more life, more love. ???????? What do you want your year to look like? What’s holding you back? What can you do to change this?
01/17/2021 12:13
Let’s talk about coping mechanisms... This is NOT a body transformation photo. I don’t want you to ‘pick which you prefer’. I’m just hoping that by sharing my experience, I can help others in the process that might be experiencing something similar. This is tough for me to post because it’s so personal but hindsight is a beautiful thing and this is necessary... LEFT IMAGE: Coping mechanism. Unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol, self sabotage, unfit, toxic relationships, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, resentment. MIDDLE IMAGE: Balanced. A combination of exercise, improved nutrition. Love & respect for myself & what my body is capable of. Enjoying social life too! RIGHT IMAGE: Coping mechanism. I continued to lose weight when lockdown began due to stress & overtraining. Exercise became my therapy as I loved it so much but it became a bit of an obsession whilst trying to keep my head above water when I felt like everything else was crumbling around me. It felt like I’d lost control in many aspects of my life but the one thing I could control was food & exercise. I couldn’t see at the time how thin I was becoming, I would speak to myself so negatively, I was living in a trance. Now I just want to hug that girl & fill her with love. Since then I’ve managed to see myself for what it truly was - grief. I’m now learning other coping mechanisms & tools to help with what I’m struggling with but I want you to know that the girl on the right might look like a ‘fitness guru’ but it’s far from the truth. Yes I was fit, but I was also in a lot of emotional pain & I couldn’t see it. Being super lean is not the epitome of health (particularly for females). It’s not sustainable nor does it bring you true happiness. My aim now is to get back to full health - mind, body & soul. ✨ Whatever that looks like or says on a scale, I couldn’t care less. Happiness comes from within, so if that means I gain a few more pounds, memories, fulfilment & joy... I’m all for it. ????❤️???? How we look really is the LEAST beautiful thing about us!!! So I hope you will join me on this journey of self love & appreciation. ????????
01/16/2021 12:55
Hi from me & my stressed lil tum tum. I promise to love, honour, respect & nourish you in the best way that I can through this time. I understand that it is going through an inflammatory response due to stress, anxiety & worry, but whatever you need, I will provide. (Plus I think you look kinda cute even if you are painful as hell) ???????????? & no I’m not expecting a bubba ???????????? I accept you & love you in every way you present yourself. ❤️ You are perfect as you are & to those reading this, so are you. ???? Whatever your body needs to get through these weird times, just honour it. Show it compassion. Give it alllll the love it deserves. ????
01/12/2021 11:04
To anyone suffering with grief... repeat after me: I see you I hear you I feel you I am safe I will get through this I hold the power to heal Grief hits us at many different times in our lives. I want you to remember that it is not a sign of weakness, it is NECESSARY. ???? Cry, shake, scream, fall to the floor, whatever you need to do. Just feel it. Acknowledge it. Welcome it. Embrace it. Hold it... Let it go. ????❤️???????? Take as much time as you need to heal.
01/11/2021 11:26
GET YOURSELVES FEELING GOOD ???????? The start to this year may be overwhelming for many of us. So here are some tips for getting yourself feeling freshhh: - 8 HOURS SLEEP! - Set your alarm & GET UP. Don’t snooze it. - Make your bed - Have a pint of water - Write a TO-DO list - Move your body (walking/jogging/dancing/yoga - whatever!) - Stimulate your brain with something other than your phone (reading material/podcast/audiobook) - Have a shower (preferably cold if you can brave it!) - MUSIC!! (It’s good for the soul) - Speak to a loved one Particularly after the Christmas festivities, you might be feeling a little more sluggish than usual. If doing a workout seems way too uncomfortable, paying a little more attention to your nutrition is a great way to get you started & get those bowels moving nicely! ???? - Increase fibre - Increase veggies/plants - Increase water intake - Limit refined sugars - Limit simple carbohydrates - Avoid artificial sweeteners - Reduce caffeine intake - Reduce stress Then as and when you start to feel less inflamed/bloated, you can get moving that beautiful body of yours! ???? SAVE & SHARE with anyone who might need this. ???????????? (Add anything below you think I may have missed ????)
01/04/2021 06:01
Entering 2021... I have to admit, I’m really nervous about starting the first proper working week of the new year tomorrow. I’ve got so many big plans/ambitions/projects I’m working on but I don’t feel ready at all. ???? Today has been the first day I’ve done NOTHING since I can even remember. I haven’t been out for a walk, I haven’t brushed my hair or my teeth, I haven’t done anything. So many emotions have come up for me today... the main thing that came through was STRESS. The whole of 2020 I was living in a constant state of stress. Living alone has been difficult because my mind rarely switches off due to lack of interaction with others. Social media connects me to people but it’s not the same. My body is tired. My mind is tired. All of this back and forth of not knowing whether we’re going or stopping. My emotions are all over the place & I don’t feel balanced. I’m hoping that with my PA starting tomorrow I’ll be able to start operating from a clearer headspace but right now, it all just seems so loud. I have no motivation, I can’t focus, I’m not being productive... there’s just nothing. I feel burnt out. I promised myself this year I would prioritise REST as it is fundamental to progression. So I’m going to take all the time I need to getting back to my balance. Last year has been heavy on us all. If there’s anything I can advise, it’s that I urge you to do whatever you need to do to get through the next phases of the unexpected. ❤️???? I aim to work smarter, not harder, be clearer with my boundaries & be better at saying NO. Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out. Little by little, day by day. Just do the best that you can in the way that you know how. ???????? This is what my brain looks like *kfjdkskhrielslsbfieueudfuuuuckk*
01/03/2021 11:17
HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU BEAUTIFUL BUNCH ???? Who’s ready to become a fucking goddess this year? I know I am... #HOTGIRLJANUARY
01/01/2021 03:58
Before the new year rolls in, I wanted to share some highlights of mine from this year. (There have of course been many low moments but I don’t wish to dwell on those). There’s so much I could say about this year but it would probably take as long as we’ve been in lockdown. ???? So I’ll keep it snappy... - Travelling to Cuba alone... Best trip of my life. ???????? - Doing a shoot totally out of my comfort zone but so proud of my transformation & appreciating all my hard work/effort. Feeling like an absolute goddess. ???? - Trip to Budapest with my best friend. I love adventures! ???????? - Moving into my first ever flat. The timing honestly couldn’t have been more perfect, I really hit the jackpot here. ???? - Doing live workouts with you to get us through the initial news of lockdown (going through the good, the bad & the bloated times!) All thanks to the success of my fitness plan @alexandrashappybody - Going to Paris for my cousins hen-do, did her makeup for her wedding day & got to be bridesmaid. Best wedding EVER!! ???????? - My birthday in the park with the people I cherish the most. ???? - Interviewing & employing my first ever member of staff who is due to start next week ????????????‍???? - Finding out the news of my longest/best friends pregnancy. ???????? (Kim K cry face alert) - Starting my own business & clothing brand @themilatribe. ???? All in all, this year for me has been a journey of self awareness, development, compassion, love & understanding. Taking risks, pushing boundaries both personally & professionally, despite the uncertainty. Thank you to everyone that has shown love & support throughout. It would not have been possible without you ???????????? Most importantly, well done for getting through 2020. It’s been tough but we made it. I hope 2021 brings us a little more joy. ❤️???? I have so much more to give and lots of big plans - so let’s get it ????
12/31/2020 06:08

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