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• ‘Mummy, I’ve got lots and lots of toys... and you’ve got lots and LOTS of jumpers!! ‘ • ???? YUP I DO!!! India’s given me the idea to do ‘Jumper of the Day’ ... everyone who’s watched me over the years knows I love my jumpers, I do bizarrely get asked a lot where I get them from .. soooo thought would be a bit of fun hey?! ????☺️???? #jumperseason #jumpers #jumperoftheday
01/26/2021 02:26
Well this has made ‘Lockdown Sunday‘ quite fun with a surprise Snow Day hasn’t it!?! ???????????? ❄️ ⛄️ Was pretty much being pulled out the house of course, & wasn’t fully prepared for the amount of snow!! - SO after a couple of snowballs thrown at me, and an attempt at a snowman - we are back home in front of the fire watching ‘Frozen’ ! ... fitting I thought! ???? HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE !!!! Don’t forget your gloves!!! ???????? #snowday #sundayfunday
01/24/2021 02:46
We can’t wait to give you a cuddle again GaGa ????????????????????
01/23/2021 10:18
RIGHT! I’ve had sooo many messages from you guys asking for a house tour and I feel like its time to start ‘One Room Every Friday’! So here you can see our Kitchen Living area, its got no TV in the room so it’s the perfect place for us to chill and chat as a family, India plays in here all the time and its for sure one of the most used rooms in the house! I love how airy the room is and the gorgeous @OKA helped me to get it looking so chic, homely and cosy. These photos were taken before lockdown (I’ve since had my shelves re-done which you can see in the final pic). You can head to my stories to take a look at all the bits & bobs from my house which are OKA! #MyOKAHome #AD
01/22/2021 04:05
• Past the 20 week mark • Workout done ✔️... and in need of a bit of an energy boost! Ive recently had a massive craving since looking at the @mamabeinglifestyle nutrition page for the ‘ Feta and Spinach flat bread’ so heading downstairs my new dungarees to cook up a storm ????????‍????????
01/20/2021 05:34
I’m not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions, but being pregnant in a lockdown made me realise that actually I want to have more ‘Me Time’ whilst we’re all in this 3.0 lockdown and just focus on the joys of being pregnant and being grateful for Max getting to spend so much more time with us, than he typically would of been able to. Because of all our spare time, we’ve been indulging so much more into TV and really getting into series and pretty much watch a movie every night now (..Thanks Sky Movies). I’ve been a Sky customer for years and being able to work with @SkyTV and talk about all their amazing features on SkyQ really is a dream gig. As children we all knew how iconic those Sky remotes were when you stayed at a friends house and could’ve believe they had Sky! Head over to my stories to see #MySkyQ featured stories AD #SkyQVIP
01/19/2021 10:37
???????? •Me thinking I was holding up the Eiffel Tower ???????? • ???????? This time last year Max took me to Paris for our anniversary! Eek we met on the 20th two years ago. Thank goodness he persevered pushing for a date, I finally ‘gave in’ after seeing a random message by chance in my DM’s from a fellow single parent. She said I must allow myself happiness, we all deserve love, and to stop myself meeting someone because of India would be wrong. She said she has done this and now regrets it. At the time I couldn’t think of starting a relationship - it was and always will be India first, however you can’t stop yourself meeting people, and as I certainly wasn’t searching for anything, meeting Max was fate. So thank you to that lovely lady who messaged me, you might have changed my life and Max who certainly has, India and I adore you???????????? @max_fd ENDLESS laughter with you ????????
01/18/2021 08:13
Found this little present from India.... made me smile ( and yes time to hide the make up bag!!) ????
01/16/2021 04:49
01/16/2021 02:03
• We are pretty certain we already know our baby’s name, but would LOVE some more suggestions / guesses please ? • ???? #babynamesuggestions #babyboy???? #baby
01/15/2021 09:30
It was SO surreal trying on wedding dresses ... next time I think it’s going to be a little MORE of a squeeze! ???? ???????? ???????? ???? ( this was taken before lockdown btw) ... ( and this isn’t THE dress .... getting some design inspo by trying on lots ????)
01/12/2021 08:29
One of my most cherished moments with India ...adore this video. Can’t wait to get her ( and the new one) on a beach again watching the sunrise & listening to the waves with my toes in the sand!! Ugrhhh .... if we close our eyes that’s as good as ey? ????????????????????????????
01/11/2021 09:38

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