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I guess I'm on TikTok now????????‍♀️???????? #Clueless
06/05/2021 05:04
Oh Pinto! ???????? PS: I just posted a new blog on Go check it out!! ????
06/03/2021 06:49
Help save thousands of beloved pets' lives... like Pepper (I mean just look at that face!!) by joining the @waggleforpets Foundation FurEver Fund (501c3) and the Alicia Silverstone Fund will double your impact with a 100% match to your first 12 months of giving. ???? Join the FurEver Fund for as little as $10 a month and countless dogs and cats will receive critical medical attention. This matching opportunity is available through June 10th... so don’t wait! ????❤️ Link in bio!
06/01/2021 09:59
Not sure why we have crowns on, but why not?? ????????
05/31/2021 06:20
☀️???? Happy Saturday! ????
05/30/2021 03:03
I recently asked you all to tell me what the yummiest vegan-burger was and now we put some of your suggestions to the test - just in time for all your Memorial Day BBQ's!! Find out which burger came out on top as our favorite! ???????? New video is up on my YouTube channel! Link is in my bio.
05/28/2021 10:24
???????????????????????? #Repost from @leonardodicaprio: Congratulations to Dr. Jane Goodall @JaneGoodallInst on receiving the @TempletonPrize Laureate for 2021. Dr. Goodall has long been an inspiration to me, devoting over 60 years helping to shape animal behavioral research, conservation and activism on an international scale. This is an incredible accolade and extremely well deserved. #CongratsJane #JaneGoodall #TempletonPrize
05/27/2021 11:14
Love! So sweet!! Too good not to repost from my comrad @KathyFreston: Making the connection between our pets and the animals we eat is a game changer. Once I started questioning why I believed in an unconscious hierarchy of animals I had to question everything - thankfully. I had been taught which animals were sacred and which ones weren’t and quite frankly that’s all bs. Once we make the connection it’s almost impossible to put another animal onto our plates. It opens up the whole wide world to reprogram our beliefs. #friendsnotfood #72reasonstobevegan @studio54laura & Trixie of course ????
05/27/2021 06:16
Since it's National Brother's Day... I want to introduce you to my brother David and his business! This one is for all you ???? smokers out there ???? You can check out his Cannabis at @SilverDragonCannabis and support small businesses! ???? you David
05/25/2021 02:14
#CaptionThis! The face you make when....
05/24/2021 08:47
Turnips, cauliflower, and potatoes.. oh my! Plus so much more. Which is exciting for me because I haven't been excited or inspired by food lately. What would you call that? A #foodfunk!? ????????????‍♀️ But today's trip to the Farmer's Market has me excited… Does anyone else get as excited about their produce? ????
05/24/2021 12:39
We decided to try making pizza from scratch again! Fresh arugula from the garden. Fun!!!
05/23/2021 06:12

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