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By @sarahbahbah from her new art series, “fool me twice”. ❤️
04/13/2021 09:21
Had so much ~anxiety~ that i was convinced I was going to have a heart attack at 24 from palpitations - and my cardiologist made me wear a heart monitor for 2 weeks only to confirm my heart palpitations were just ~~~~anxiety~~~~ ???? Lmao who can relate ? ✨✨✨✨✨ ——— On a serious note, what do y’all do when you feel a panic attack coming on or have anxiety? What’s been working for me currently: 1.) a deep inhale on the count of 5, hold for two seconds at the top, then exhaling for 5 seconds. 2.) Calling someone immediately when I feel panic setting in and talking about literally anything else. (More of a distraction tactic lol) 3.) yoga, especially yin yoga (which requires you hold poses for 3-5 minutes) has been a powerful tool for me the past year. Helps me release a lot of tension/trauma I hold in my body. 4.) when I’m already experiencing a heavy panic attack I jump in a ice cold shower lmao, it helps - ya can google the science. Let me know what y’all do pls ❤️ Sending everyone a virtual warm hug ✨ (Edit: this is an old photo from September 2020, I am completely fine and healthy, just wanted to normalize the conversation around anxiety/panic attacks and have an open conversation????)
04/12/2021 02:42
Proudly wearing @Toms because they give 1/3 of all profits in support of grassroots good, including to organizations I love that help support BIPOC like @homeboyindustries ❤ #tomsambassador
04/06/2021 06:01
BTS of “Fool Me Twice” by the lovely @sarahbahbah - releasing tomorrow xx
04/01/2021 04:14
03/10/2021 02:27
???? @japajew
03/09/2021 01:33
03/08/2021 03:48
????????Amanda Gorman ????????
01/20/2021 09:57
01/19/2021 08:47
01/03/2021 07:57
Five hour hike and I still can’t feel my feet. Best way to close out 2020 ???? happy new year ❤️
01/01/2021 10:03
Great conjunction + winter solstice ???????? what a magical time to be alive ????????
12/22/2020 05:55

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