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Feeling Sublime ☀️???????? ????????
10/14/2021 03:38
Happy Birthday to the great @brianrjaffe. Thank you for being the most devoted, loving, caring, thoughtful, hilarious, and adventurous partner possible. @colehendrixjaffe & I are the luckiest to call you ours, and I cannot wait to see what this next year brings. YOU are a Rockstar and I’m so proud to be by your side, each and every day ❤️
10/11/2021 06:59
I always try and spread some sunshine to others. You never know who truly needs a beam of light their way ☀️
10/04/2021 01:23
#nationalsonsday is everyday for me with my little @colehendrixjaffe. I am so lucky you are mine, and that I get to experience WILD adventures with you every single day; this kid is a maniac in the best possible way ????You have my heart and soul today and always.
09/29/2021 09:46
@blindmelonband are hands down one of my favorite bands and are also one of the most underrated. Today on his birthday, we celebrate the life and legacy of Blind Melon frontman, Shannon Hoon, and I’ve been playing the band’s debut album #BlindMelon non-stop, as it was released 29 years ago this week as well. His vocals, songwriting, and stage presence were in a league of their own and in the ‘90s, Shannon’s poster was hanging up in my bedroom right there alongside Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, & Eddie Vedder. Shannon was gone way too soon, but his music has stayed with me forever. It’s in my go-to rotation of full albums I play when I need to transport myself. What is the album you put on start to finish when you need to transport yourself? Share below ????????
09/27/2021 01:09
30 years ago today, there was a seismic shift in the musical universe and 4 albums were released that would forever change music, culture, & history. On September 24, 1991 Nirvana’s #Nevermind, Soundgarden’s #Badmotorfinger, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ #BloodSugarSexMagik, and A Tribe Called Quest’s #TheLowEndTheory were all released. Wow. It’s actually too overwhelming for me to go into it here what these four albums have done for me personally so I just wanted to share a few symbolic slides: a photo of me rocking my favorite shirt of the album that changed my life, my original early ‘90s @vans that I dedicated to Kurt, and most importantly, an interview I did with the late, great @chriscornellofficial on @fusetv exactly 10 years ago! One of the most meaningful moments in my life ???????????????????????? 1991 was an iconic year for music - what album from this year changed your life? Share below ???????? ???? @thatsnathanjames
09/25/2021 05:00
Happy Birthday to @theroxy, where I have seen some of the most iconic shows, experienced some of my all-time best nights, and continue to test and confirm that my thigh muscles are indeed very strong ???? A special night at this epic venue is simply electric ⚡️ Share below a favorite show you have seen here (possibly with me?) or name one of your favorite venues ???????? ???? the great @ashleyosborn
09/23/2021 05:30
“There's a rainbow in the sky, all the time, don't be blind.” — @ziggymarley ???? “You’re a rainbow in the dark.” — @_ronniejamesdio ???????? Two of my favorites! Share some of your favorite ???? lyrics below ???????? ???? @simonneedhamphotography
09/14/2021 11:24
Although it’s been 20 years, I could never forget seeing these iconic buildings burn in person before me, knowing all of the pain and suffering and loss that had begun and would continue to ensue for decades to come. I could also never forget the bravery of all of the first responders and the altruism and courage of my fellow New Yorkers who without even thinking, did what they could to help. The resilience, the unity, the strength, and the unbreakable spirit of New York is unparalleled and I had never felt more proud and honored to be a New Yorker. New York is magic. May this remind us all to stand together, look out for one another, and to be grateful for each and every day. ???? @timothywhite @morrisonhotelgallery
09/12/2021 06:52
Happy Birthday to @joeperryofficial!!!! Seeing @aerosmith crush their Vegas residency was one of the greatest shows I have ever been to…and I have been to A LOT of shows ???? SO very grateful for these Rock Gods. Who else loves #Aerosmith like I do? Share a favorite song, album, or memory below ????????
09/10/2021 10:58

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