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I love fall clothes & turtlenecks ????. The new @aerie collection is so comfortable & cozy and great for whatever I’m doing— reading a good book, taking a walk outside or hanging with friends. And green is one of my favorite colors, especially this time of year! If you want, you can shop some of my favorite new looks on ???????????????? #AerieREAL #AeriePartner
10/13/2021 07:59
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what mental health means to me and how I can continue to show up for myself each day. One of the reasons I use @sanvellohealth is because when I take time to rest and check in with my body, I feel much more grounded and more calm as I move through the day. Today is World Mental Health Day, a good time to reset and reprioritize our well-being. To get us started, here’s a preview of a quick body check-in, you can find the rest in the @sanvellohealth app. Plus, my friend and Sanvello Therapist Teressa Carter will also lead us in one of my favorite grounding exercises. If you want, give it a try in the app, share with your friends, and remember that you deserve time each day to focus on your mental health. ????
10/10/2021 04:46
A few weeks ago ???? @mckaylamaroney
10/10/2021 05:04
Mylo watching me cook dinner ????❤️
10/08/2021 02:51
10/06/2021 08:49
Tag someone who makes you smile in the comments below and let me (and them!) know why they make you smile. Plus, if you want to join me on my journey to a healthier smile (I recently was told straighter teeth can help mouth health), use promo code ALYSMILES for $100 off @SmileDirectClub aligners. #ad #smiledirectpartner #smile #health #worldsmileweek
10/06/2021 12:34
10/05/2021 11:49
I support all the soccer players who have courageously come forward. Thank you for your bravery.
10/05/2021 03:51
10/03/2021 10:14
Love a good blazer
10/01/2021 05:04

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