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09/16/2020 09:06
Barrel proximity = happiness ????
09/14/2020 11:57
Beach flight with my roll dog
09/09/2020 03:21
Lazy hazy..... just like la
09/03/2020 10:06
There are not nearly enough words to say how important and special you are to me. Just imagine me trying to stretch my arms to an impossible length (and it’s not even close) Happiest birthday to the one and only, my brother & best @iolovesyou I love you!!
09/03/2020 05:48
Nothing like a late morning back in California
08/31/2020 09:17
Back to work face
08/29/2020 12:10
So hard to say goodbye.... I love Turkey so much ????????
08/27/2020 05:04
So much shade, so little time......
08/23/2020 07:56
SPF1000 + beautiful beach + ADD - emergency that must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY = beach-bag library
08/22/2020 04:15
Breathless moment taking in the sights of Cappadocia‘s timeless caves and ageless wonder (Not quite the ‘Indiana Jones lewk normally necessary for said adventure but it worked)
08/21/2020 03:02
You could stare for years at the inside of Hagia Sophia and never get bored.... or less amazed. What a stunning place (as of a few weeks ago, no longer a museum). I feel lucky I could see part of it still.
08/19/2020 01:26