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Panthere De Cartier @cartier #pantheredecartier Merci ❤️
10/05/2021 07:52
California ????
09/22/2021 05:05
Our wonderful film SILENT NIGHT premieres at @tiff_net this evening. A darkly comedic, thought provoking piece directed by the wonderful, exceptional, deliciously mischievous power house that is @camillebontempsgriffin Can’t wait to be reunited with this dreamy bunch at our London premiere. #keiraknightley @lilyrose_depp @kirbyhowellbaptiste @sopedirisu #lucypunch #rufusjones @romangriffindavisofficial #matthewgoode Thank you to @marv_films @trudiestyler and all of our incredible cast, crew and producers. I can’t wait for you all to see this film. Love always ❤️
09/16/2021 07:22
On set of Malignant. I love the below quote from #jameswan I guess it’s just me being playful, just kind of me knowing people’s perception of me. And when I start to think that I’m becoming repetitive, or that I feel like people think they know me too well now, that’s when I go, okay, I need to change things up. I need to reinvent myself. I need to try different things. And that was the case with Malignant.” I feel you James. I feel you. Thank you @wbpictures @newlinecinema @hbomax for your support. Thank you to the entirety of our incredible crew. Thanks to our lovely cast and producers ???? Oh…and thank you to the homeless man and his girlfriend who had a night of wild passion in my trailer- true story. Enjoy my loves. Be safe out there. #malignant #malignantmovie
09/12/2021 06:29
Thank you so much for the birthday love ❤️ all my love right back ❤️
09/05/2021 04:25
Out to sea ????
08/27/2021 05:06
Stand with Afghans @G7 @POTUS @borisjohnsonuk @ursula_vonderleyen Today, please take action to protect vulnerable people: - Encourage G7 to offer sanctuary to far more people. - Extend timeline for evacuations so all at risk can reach safety. - Provide extensive humanitarian aid now. #evacuationsnow #StandwithAfghans @chooselove
08/24/2021 04:22
Most handsome Zeus #adoptdontshop ???? @halfadams
08/11/2021 07:50
@creepypuppet @wbpictures @newlinecinema @maddiehassonofficial
07/20/2021 08:10
MALIGNANT SEPT 10th @creepypuppet #jameswan @wbpictures @newlinecinema #giallofilms
07/20/2021 07:28

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