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On my Friday @bbcradio1 show, we're kicking off 2020 with an amazing series of POWER UP DJ mixes to soundtrack your workouts. @officialfriction, @djezofficial, @dukedumont and @ritontime will be doing them and I did the first one to start us all off. Get @BBCSounds, take a listen and get working out! No excuses! You'll feel AMAZING after! PS here is my handy exercise video to start you off. @davinamccall??? How am I doing?!? The link to listen is in my bio.
01/11/2020 12:54
RAVING . ???? @MellaDee_ - Techno Belter
01/10/2020 08:03
My youngest son turned three yesterday. He has golden cupid ringlets and a little round face with huge blue eyes; a lairy pre-Raphaelite toddler angel, all folds of flesh and thighs that you could eat, who bowls through life and seems to take everything in his stride. There is no shaping him. He came out knowing exactly who he is. I watch him a lot, wondering what we did to deserve him. He is all the jackpots. I don’t worry about him, yet. Happy birthday big boy, you’re not a baby anymore and I feel like I could cry a whole pint of tears about it. x.
01/08/2020 06:36
DJ sets in shops are always a tough gig but not in this case. A few weeks ago I got to play records in the remarkable @ChooseLove pop-up store in London while @officiallouistheroux was on the tills. The shop was open in the run up to Christmas only but I urge you to get online, check out their website and donate and follow them on Instagram. You can buy essential items for refugees such as winter coats, tents, nappies, even legal aid! and the money goes straight to where it’s needed. They also have their Choose Love collection, I am addicted to their T Shirts! If you’d like to check them out the link is in my bio.
01/07/2020 05:00
Step 47 to becoming a fully grown grown up. Keeping plants alive. Got a whole load of plants and plant paraphernalia for Christmas. The work starts now.
01/05/2020 10:14
I found this conversation so riveting. The sensibility of an artist usually means that they feel in an extraordinarily intense way. They are porous. I see it time and time again. Artists who suffer from anxiety or other mental health disorders, who find it hard to hold down a conversation let alone perform on stage start to unravel and self destruct. They become disconnected, and use drink and drugs as a crutch/escape from feeling so black and scared, or they stop being able to create at all. It’s poignant to hear an artist of Andre 3000 calibre and legacy still suffering, still doubting himself. There is no easy escape or way out of mental illness but talking about it is a good start. I’m not sure if there are statistics representing the ratio of PRS registered artists who suffer from mental health ( so much suffering is done in isolation ) but I would not surprised if it was a high majority. More and more public conversations are happening - I saw @lewiscapaldi launching his LiveLive Scheme to protect anxiety suffering fans at his shows and this is wonderful. If you are an up coming artist there is tremendous pressure to fit into the system of ‘breaking an artist’ - doing all the promo, all the tour dates and my team and I see ‘breakdowns’ and mental health issues being consciously written into promotional strategies for releases more and more. Coming from this media side I would say this. Do not be afraid to say no. It is not selfish to protect yourself and put your health first when it comes to your exposure as an artist. There is ways of making it work for you, tour less, talk less, make a bespoke framework for your needs. Your music can and should speak for itself. Just find a way to keep creating, like Andre 3000 in the park with his bass clarinet, and that is worth something.
01/04/2020 09:45
RAVING.....Counting down the months (FOUR) until @amplostandfound Festival in Maltaaaaaaaaaaa . ???? Bryan Kessler - Cowbell Lizard
01/03/2020 09:55
'Just remember to fall in love, there's nothing else, there's nothing else'. - @thechemicalbrothers and Swoon to ring in the new decade at @whp_mcr last night. What a crowd and what a room. Happy New Year x
01/01/2020 11:34
Tonight marks the 22nd ( YIKES ) time I have played for The Warehouse Project since its opening in 2006. I will be playing the midnight set; bringing that remarkable room at Mayfield Depot the last song of this decade and the first song of the next. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has danced to the music from my sets and radio shows this decade. It’s such a privilege to play you music!! Here’s to the next one! I’m on at 11:15pm. Swipe for a selection of photos at @whp_mcr through the years, featuring @erolalkan, Mylo, Mike Pickering, @KatyB, @hannah_wants, @mynuleng and @ukredlight x
12/31/2019 06:24
Back on insta after a soul enriching switch off back home. It was a wonderful Irish holiday, filled with cups of tea and endless spuds, bread, taytos and Chocolate Kimberleys ( if you know you know????) and a trip to my favourite pub The Blue Light and then last night we were lucky enough to experience this magical moment... Two amorous Irish seals came to say hello as we watched the sun set over the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire. Hope you all had a magical holiday. Back at it tomorrow for an extra special NYE xx
12/30/2019 10:59
This is me and my week night radio team yesterday at our annual Christmas lunch. We spend two hours together every day and we don’t do each other’s heads in. Imagine that! They are patient, and hilarious and incredibly hard working and they live and love music like I do, (Kate and I share a love for road rap, Harrison and I for disco). No matter how exhausted I am walking into the studio every evening I always, without fail, leave it feeling brighter, lighter, more at peace. We spend so much time together that we all (unbeknownst to each other) bought each other the same presents. We all (privately) thought we SMASHED it. As you can see there is a unanimous love for Hampstead Heath ponds. ????????????
12/19/2019 03:18
This day next week is Christmas Eve ????
12/17/2019 08:27

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