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09/11/2021 03:17
My newsletter went out today. If you missed it, sign up now at the link in my bio and we’ll make sure you get it
08/29/2021 02:41
I had a great pump with my friend @epamichaelregan, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and we talked about how you need a plan in the gym just like you need a plan to terminate pollution.
08/26/2021 10:25
LAST CHANCE to win a weekend with me and my tank in LA and support @afterschoolallstars! Enter at the link in my bio! DO IT!
08/25/2021 08:22
Cologne Germany! I will be there September 7th for the Digital X Conference. REGISTER NOW! Link in my bio. #digitalx
08/16/2021 08:09
I wrote about freedom and duty and what we owe to the American heroes who sacrificed so much throughout our history. Link in my bio.
08/13/2021 06:13
Have the best weekend of your life. Support @afterschoolallstars and enter at the link in my bio.
08/12/2021 07:36
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
08/11/2021 10:36
Franco would have been 80 today. He was everything to me - best friend, training partner, chess partner. I miss him dearly.
08/07/2021 06:56
Getting some help finishing up my newsletter so I can send it out to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Sign up at the link in my bio!
07/30/2021 03:47

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