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Happy birthday @patrickschwarzenegger. You are a great businessman and an even better person. I’m so proud of the man you’re becoming. I love you!
09/18/2020 08:15
While you were sleeping, I was hosting our best @austrianworldsummit ever. Catch up now, I’m going for a bike ride and then I can finally rest. Link in my bio.
09/17/2020 05:01
Tune in right now to our @austrianworldsummit, the bigggest online climate conference in the world this year. Link in my bio
09/17/2020 11:01
Our @austrianworldsummit this year will have our biggest online audience ever. Don’t miss our program this Thursday to hear from leaders all over the world about how we can build the economy and jobs of the future and fight pollution! Link to RSVP is in my bio.
09/15/2020 08:44
Come with me if you want to vote! Tune in tonight at 10/9C on @abcnetwork for a really fun non-partisan special we did with my friends at @attndotcom - and don’t forget to figure out your plan to vote.
09/15/2020 01:39
I love stopping on my 12 mile bike rides to enjoy some of my fantastic memories. When I ride by the original Gold’s where we shot Pumping Iron in 1975, I can almost hear the weights clanging around and smell the sweat. I can feel the joy of the friendships I built here. It’s so important to remember where you came from, and all of the people who helped you along the way.
09/04/2020 10:18
Old, but not obsolete. T-bar rows are one of my favorite exercises. Here’s some Monday motivation!
09/01/2020 12:54
Thank you, @astro_seal, for giving me and my daughter a tour of the International Space Station and sharing your fantastic view with us. You made my year. You inspire me with your mental and physical strength. When you get back to Earth, we have to hang out.
08/20/2020 11:57
Here is some fantastic teamwork by Dutch and Cherry to start your day
08/18/2020 05:05
‪Dutch and Lulu update: this is the beginning of a fantastic friendship.‬
08/06/2020 02:19
Meet the newest member of the family, Dutch! He’s 10 months-old, named after my character in Predator, weighs 103 pounds, and is slightly afraid of Lulu... but they’ll be best friends soon.
07/28/2020 09:42
Happy birthday Christina! I am proud of you every day, I love you with all of my heart, and spending time with you is one of my favorite things to do, in lockdown and always. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year.
07/24/2020 12:07