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‪Happy birthday, America. Thank you for letting me live the American Dream. We must fight every day to make sure that dream is as true for a Black child born in Minneapolis as it was for a white bodybuilder born in Austria.‬ via @attndotcom #fourthofjuly
07/04/2020 05:31
Learning about this case broke my heart. Elijah McClain deserves justice. Sign the petition at the link in my bio.
06/25/2020 09:55
All 5 California Governors agree. Wearing a mask protects the people around you. It isn’t political. It isn’t weak. It’s the right thing to do. It lets us get back to work. Just do it. Thanks to @attndotcom for helping us get the message out.
06/22/2020 06:38
06/02/2020 09:23
The protesters we see in the streets don’t hate America. They are asking us to be better. They are asking on behalf of our fellow Americans who no longer have a voice: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many others. Read my thoughts at the link in my bio before you comment. @theatlantic
06/01/2020 05:08
I want the unlimited opportunity that drew me here in 1968 to exist for every American, regardless of skin color. Read my full thoughts in @theatlantic at the link in my bio before you comment.
05/31/2020 10:47
Lulu pumps up.
05/28/2020 10:54
Lulu is having a hard time adjusting to the work week.
05/27/2020 12:12
On my bike ride today I stopped to pay respects to Shad Gaspard. He was such a positive force in the gym and the world. He was a hero in bodybuilding, a hero in wrestling, and the moment he told lifeguards to save his son first, the ultimate hero. My thoughts are with his family.
05/26/2020 08:24
‪Thank you to @tiktok for your $3 million dollar donation to @Afterschoolallstars to feed families. And thank you to all of you buying shirts and masks. I always think it’s important to see where your donations go. Look at the fantastic work you are supporting.‬ If you want to join us in supporting this great cause you can get the shirts and masks at the link in my bio.
05/18/2020 08:27
Because of coronavirus, you are graduating into a world filled with obstacles, so I wanted you to know that no matter how successful you are, there will always be obstacles. But you can overcome and move toward your vision. Europeans don’t talk about medical issues much, we protect them like state secrets. Maybe it’s a sign I’m Americanized, but I wanted to share the story of my heart surgery going south four months before Terminator. I hope it gives you motivation in these hard times.
05/18/2020 03:20
I am pumped that Snapchat asked me to kick off their week of commencements this Sunday. I know this is a shitty time to graduate, so instead of the normal speech I shared a story of one of my biggest obstacles because I want you to know that life is never perfect but if you have a vision, you will find a way. (Via @attndotcom)
05/15/2020 06:25