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As we approach the end of Ramadan my wish and hope for Eid is that we all spread love and not let our differences in religion, ethnic origin and beliefs divide us ✨ Every human deserves a fair chance at this thing called life.
05/11/2021 11:44
Es Un Secreto ????
04/23/2021 09:59
Appetite for sweetness ????
04/22/2021 04:17
Much needed Recharge ❤️
04/18/2021 03:21
Ctrl + Alt + Reset ???? ????
04/17/2021 06:31
LA Familia ❤️
04/09/2021 05:52
Happy Place ????
04/08/2021 12:40
Let’s celebrate life ????
04/02/2021 08:36
Is it Saturday yet ????
04/01/2021 07:51
There’s so much to discover about your parents as you get older. There’s also so much self discovery that unfolds as you get to know your parents better as adults. A big part of healing and growing is knowing where you and the ppl who made you came from. I hope everyone gets the chance to get to know their parents...❤️
03/29/2021 09:37
It’s been sooo hard to get back at the gym but it’s truly my main and only form of therapy and stress relief. It’s where I recharge my mental and emotional batteries. I encourage all of you to get up and get your blood flowing. It’s better than watching TV, scrolling on the gram and get it! Get it done ????????????
03/25/2021 04:41
Bro and Dr. Wifey????????‍⚕️ #family ❤️
03/21/2021 10:12

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