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06/03/2021 07:55
I’d do anything for this smile ????????
05/31/2021 11:49
I thank God everyday for choosing me to be your mommy. I love you Reigny ???? #happymothersday ????
05/10/2021 12:58
Not every day is beautiful, But you are. I can’t wait for some days to end. But you’re my beginning My middle My meeting place. Some moments I just want to be alone. Even though every moment with you is perfect, It doesn’t always feel like that though. Not in that moment. When plans fall over When no one sleeps When I’m overwhelmed. You may deplete me some days. But you complete me every day. You’re the bags under my eyes at all hours of the night. My tears of fatigue. You’re also, My heart My breath. You’re the ground that brings me to my knees The ground you walk on that I adore My grounding. You’re my weakness And the strength that I need The build up The break down My vulnerability. You are the tune I hum My scream My follow My fall My finding. The broth of my bones My skin. My thoughts before and after. You are mine but not mine to keep But you keep all of me. Even though I ache. Even though some days are so damn hard. Even though I doubt I’m doing this right. Not every moment is beautiful. But you are. You are the promise of love in a tired storm. Even though I may wish some moments away. You’re the hands of the clock I will to stand still. And I am at the hands of you. By : @jessurlichs_writer
05/10/2021 12:14
05/08/2021 01:13
my boys
03/21/2021 05:35
good morning from my bug
03/20/2021 04:51
Reign Rivers 3-18-21 ???? We’re so blessed to have such a beautiful healthy boy. My precious son...I love him so much...I can’t stop crying
03/20/2021 05:45
02/18/2021 10:09
02/17/2021 11:44
my whole heart ???????? I can’t wait to meet you
02/09/2021 12:48
6 more weeks until I meet my son. I’m not crying you are
01/25/2021 08:35

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