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we will fight in your incredible honor. thank you for fighting. my heart is fucking broken.
09/19/2020 02:52
Don’t let your local polling place close! If you’re over 16, sign up TODAY to be a poll worker at & share! You not only get paid for your heroic work, but you’ll help end the national poll worker shortage we’re facing in 2020. Everyone gets free PPE too. If we don’t recruit more people, many polling locations will close! Please help reach our goal of signing up 250,000 poll workers. You’ll be a hero in your community by protecting the right to vote for your neighbors. Join the movement and be a #pollhero today!
09/03/2020 07:26
Want to make a meaningful impact on our democracy?? Want to use your voice?? Want to fight for causes that mean something to you?? If the answer is yes— REGISTER TO VOTE! If you do so, by clicking the link in my bio, I'll team up with my pup on IG Live for a “Booksmart” reunion when we hit 200 new registrants. Register now, it only takes a few minutes! Hope to see you soon! #goodtovote
09/03/2020 03:06
BIDEN / HARRIS 2020 “Now let’s go win this thing” - @barackobama
08/12/2020 02:55
we’re two!!! happy anniversary to my magic girl.
08/09/2020 04:17
Are you listening @coag_philweiser @repmikecoffman @govofco @auroragov ??? Enough with the excuses. Act now. Bring justice to Elijah McClain. #voicesforelijah Send #lettersforelijah using @culturegreetings by clicking the link in @justiceforelijahmcclain bio. Video edited by @ajrfilms.
08/02/2020 07:01
challenge accepted ❤️❤️❤️ i love and cherish @mjrodriguez7 @kirinstagram @kathryngallagher @aliadler thank you for including me in this beautiful #womensupportingwomen gift to our feeds i would be nowhere without the magical women in my life
07/27/2020 08:29
WEAR. A. MASK. It’s not political, it’s lifesaving. It’s caring about other people. It’s being a thoughtful member of society. Please, please, please. Protect yourself, protect others. #wearadamnmask
07/17/2020 03:27
Everybody has a role to play in the response to #covid19 . Sometimes the catalyst is the physician on the front lines who sees the first few cases, connects the dots, and shares it on WeChat, like we saw from the first responders in China. And sometimes it’s you, practicing physical distancing and wearing a mask when appropriate. In research, when people start applying their skills to new, urgent problems like COVID-19 and share that information openly, other people are able to jump in and make their own little sparks. With enough of those little sparks from different specialties around the world, it turns into a wildfire with a tremendous range of researchers all pointing their attention and their expertise to the crisis. When such a huge community of people feels empowered to do something, it can change the world. Play your part in a global, coordinated response to COVID-19 by demanding action at @one . #passthemic #oneworld
07/01/2020 06:10
Thanks Beanie, I’m so thrilled to be here to talk with you and your community today. Like Beanie mentioned, I’m Dr. Jennifer Gardy @jennifergardy and I’m the Deputy Director of Surveillance, Data, and Epidemiology on the Malaria team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation @gatesfoundation . Beanie asked me what’s the one thing I want everyone to know about overcoming the #covid19 pandemic, and it’s that it’s gonna take teamwork. After years of working in public health and infectious disease, I’ve learned that nothing good happens without an amazing multidisciplinary team. Even a small project takes a huge team of epidemiologists, mathematicians, nurses, social scientists, economists, and communities on the ground. The only way we can fight pandemic-scale threats is through one global, coordinated approach. It's like the proverb of the blind men and the elephant. Each one can feel a little part of the elephant but none of them can really put the picture together until they all start to communicate and share. That's what we see anytime there's a disease outbreak. Everybody needs to chip in. If we don’t, this will happen again and again. To use your voice and join a global, coordinated response to COVID-19, demand action at @one . #passthemic #oneworld
07/01/2020 06:06
As lockdowns loosen around the world and we venture into our new normals in the wake of #covid19 , it’s more important than ever for us to stay tuned in to the experts who can tell us how to stay safe while so much is changing. That’s why I’m so excited to #passthemic and introduce everyone to public health expert Dr. Jennifer Gardy. @jennifergardy is the Deputy Director of Surveillance, Data, and Epidemiology on the Malaria team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Before that, she worked for the BC Centre for Disease Control and the University of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health, where she studied genomics as a tool to understand how diseases spread. And she writes science books for kids. She’s a genius, ok?! Today Dr. Gardy is here to explain what a coordinated global response to #covid19 looks like and why it’s the key to our recovery. If your mind is blown like mine and you want to find a way to get involved, demand action at @one . ONE World. ONE Global Response. #oneworld #passthemic
07/01/2020 06:00
there is no pride without Black Trans women. there is no queer liberation without Black Trans women. Black Trans lives MATTER. please donate if you can to the imperative organizations on the 3rd slide. keep screaming, keep donating, keep educating yourself, keep having important conversations at home, keep fighting. we cannot stop.
06/16/2020 07:47