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vaccine bean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/19/2021 07:36
01/25/2021 06:08
happy 30th birthday to the most remarkable human ever to exist. @bonnie_chance - i’m pretty convinced you’re actually made of magic. the girl with the warmest heart, the most expansive imagination and the most exceptional brain. i love you so much. happy birthday, bubba!!!
12/24/2020 05:16
2020 —> 2021
12/16/2020 04:17
happy birthday, jord. i love you so much.
12/11/2020 08:03
Georgia can do this! It's still possible to take back the Senate, but we need to #givethankstogeorgia and help out. All donations at the link in my bio go to help win the Georgia runoffs. Let’s get @raphaelwarnock and @jonossoff to the Senate!!! #givingtuesday
12/01/2020 08:05
my best friend in the entire world!!!!!!!
11/23/2020 03:49
Joe Biden’s heart looks like my heart. It’s a heart that has experienced deep, profound grief. It’s broken just like mine. And so many others around this entire country. Especially now, in the wake of the pandemic, the number of those hearts has grown exponentially. And you know what grief breeds? Empathy. A profound amount of empathy. We need empathy. We have needed it all four years, but this year especially. And Biden has a superhuman amount of empathy. Today is a very good day. Empathy is restored. And Mamala... the ultimate breaker of several glass ceilings. What a dream it is to say the words, “Madam Vice President.” Thank you for making history with your integrity, intellect and hope. #bidenharris2020
11/08/2020 04:26
Meet Teddy. Teddy is my favorite person in the world. Like actually. He’s the funniest, smartest, coziest, most dreamy boy. He’s perfection personified. He also happens to have CCHS, Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome. CCHS is an extremely rare disease. The @cchsnetwork does life changing work. And they need your help to do it! Support this amazing cause (and get a chance to win $100,000). To enter, go the link in my bio or go to today! #omaze @omaze
11/05/2020 11:55
TOMORROW is the end of the election! I can't believe it. So for everyone who still needs to vote in-person, this list will help you make sure your vote is cast and counted! Use the link in my bio for other resources (even if you've already voted - there's still work to be done!). #electionactions
11/03/2020 01:52
who allowed you to be this safe?!?!
11/02/2020 04:12
Is a sentence I never thought I’d EVER say. But when @shobean and Mandy challenge you to sing a song... you have no other choice!! PLEASE VOTE. AND TALK THE VOTE. I challenge @whoismaxsheldon @francescacarpanini and @noahegalvin 3 people: music and lyrics by @zebraadam cc: @ilana @jakewil @generatorcollective @anotheracronym
10/31/2020 06:09

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