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Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart. @fashionnova
01/12/2021 04:23
Really grateful to announce that I am doing another fundraiser with @blessitbag to pass out Bless It Bags to the homeless on January 30th. In Los Angeles, we’ve all seen the homeless population grow exponentially at an alarming rate... new encampments are popping up all over. This is what happens when an epidemic and a pandemic collide. Thousands of people are newly homeless as a result of this financial crisis and losing their jobs. It’s more important now than ever, especially going into winter months to help these people who have suffered circumstances and consequences out of their control. It’s easy to turn a blind eye and dissociate from such a disturbing reality that is hard to fathom, but let me ask you this... when a human being is standing at your window asking for help do you want to be the type of person who offers them something that will improve their quality of life or do you want to be the person who ignores another person in need? We are doing an outreach fundraiser, but I encourage you to buy bags online and keep them in your car to give out yourself as well. Ways you can help: 1. Donate via Venmo to @blessitbag 2. Volunteer 3. Repost this and encourage your followers to help ????
01/11/2021 10:39
@FashionNovaCURVE has the ladies ready to slay confidently all 2021 ???? Head to @FashionNova for the hottest styles ???? FashionNovaPartner #NovaBabe
01/11/2021 09:23
Comfy bae @fashionnova
01/11/2021 07:45
@FashionNovaCURVE keeps the ladies ready to slay for any occasion ???? Head to @FashionNova for your perfect new year new me fit ???? FashionNovaPartner #NovaBabe
01/11/2021 05:54
2021 @glassbluntstore only way you should be smoking ???????? #glassbluntchallenge
01/11/2021 05:09
Manifesting all my Dreams ???????? @lashedcosmetics
01/10/2021 10:30
Passion @fashionnova
01/10/2021 07:39
Barbie & Chyna Doll ???? @nickiminaj
01/09/2021 09:11
Confuse them with your silence. Shock them with your actions. ♉️ @fashionnova
01/09/2021 12:15
Feed your Focus ~ Chy ♉️ @fashionnova
01/08/2021 12:34
It’s that season cutie pie ???? @fashionnova
01/07/2021 02:32

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