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???? My guys ????
06/21/2021 12:10
The benefits of being a hoarder #492: you’re at the ready with your Betty Crocker Bake & Fill —that you haven’t used since you were 17– the moment someone requests a watermelon cake. Shout out to all my fellow as seen on TV nuts. Pullin’ out the Euroseal next.
06/17/2021 06:00
This song though ???????????? @maximumeffort ???? @pasekandpaul ????????
06/15/2021 05:06
Mom&Dad Girl Summer. Thanks @clintfrazierr for being my personal stylist. This hat is a vast improvement from the ???? I showed up in. After 14 years in NY, I think tonight made me an official Yankee... ⚾️????
05/01/2021 05:43
Find you someone who looks at you like I look at the heroic nurse vaccinating me. ????
03/31/2021 07:53
That time I f*d my hairdresser.
02/15/2021 12:54
If I don’t get a handshake from @paul.hollywood after decorating this one, I quit.
02/09/2021 09:10
Happy Birthday to my original dance partner @bart_johnson ????♥️ Bet you all didn’t know I was the original WILDCAT. ???????????? Love you brother.
12/13/2020 10:16
...There was happiness because of you♥️ Happy happy birthday. Thank you for #Evermore Absolutely nothing better than getting presents on other people’s birthdays. ???? love you
12/13/2020 09:17
Happy birthday @lorraineschwartz Your jewels are divine. But YOU are the gem. Your fierce love, loyalty, talent, passion and playfulness have made the past decade of my life so much brighter. And significantly more sparkly. ☺️ I love you. ????: @guyaroch
12/07/2020 01:42

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