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The best view ❤️????
03/25/2021 11:05
Good morning ! It’s a nice beautiful and cool [overcast] day to ride! I’m most certain my horses will be just FULL of energy today which will result in an adventurous and often, unpredictable ride. (Anyone who has ever owned a horse and rode in overcast weather knows exactly what I’m talking about!) Here’s proof that it’s not always sunny and warm in SoCal ????. This is a little look at the beautiful trails I’m so lucky to ride and explore every day while connecting with nature through my horses. Being one with nature has brought me so much serenity. It also helps calm my anxious and often over stimulated mind. I enjoy being alone with just my horses, riding along and exploring these trails for hours on end hoping to be blessed with little snippets of wild life activity. On my rides I’ve seen everything from families of deer, a bobcat, wild cows, goats, and so much more! What’s your favorite thing to do that helps you escape the every day bustle of life?
03/25/2021 06:22
It’s not very often I do interviews anymore, but when my friend @thereallisaann invited me on to her podcast “The Lisa Ann Experience” I just had to say yes. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other now that she’s back on the east coast so it was very fun catching up with her. We discuss my experience working on an ambulance, my time in the adult industry, what’s in store for my future and so much more.
03/17/2021 11:17
Somewhere over the rainbow ????
03/13/2021 06:57
Gunna be a rainy week where I live so here’s a little bit of sunshine for your feed for the time being. How do you like to spend your rainy days ?
03/10/2021 07:28
Today was so neat. While on my ride, I ran into a hiker & his dog. He was taking pictures of nature... he told me he saw me on the ridge & took some photos of me (this is a common occurrence when I ride Virgil), but this man was so nice he sent me some of the photos & it just made my day. He even caught me admiring the view just as he took the photo. ????❤️ I guess there’s still some kind people left in this world!
03/09/2021 05:48
(Sorry-I had to delete and re-post this because the videos had music in it that put IG’s panties in a bunch) Happy Saturday, y’all !! [SWIPE RIGHT —> —> —> ] A lot of you guys write to me and ask me to post more videos from my rides, but usually I ride alone so it’s rather difficult to handle a camera and stay in control at the same time. Anyways, on today’s ride I definitely tried to get you guys some footage. Enjoy ! ❤️☀️???? **and for those immature idiots in my comment section commenting “ewww what’s wrong with your armpits”. Calm down. It’s lint from a grey sweatshirt I was wearing earlier. Grow the fuck up people ????‍♀️
03/07/2021 02:29
We got back from the trails JUST in time for it to rain! ☔️???? it’s not very often we get rain here in sunny SoCal. What do you like to do on rainy days?
03/03/2021 10:08
My wolf pack ... how many babies can you spot? ????
02/22/2021 09:06
Today’s adventure was ????????
02/20/2021 01:40
All these years and I STILL can’t get over how lucky I am to have found you, Virgil ????????❤️????????
02/18/2021 08:48
Because of you ... I laugh a little harder. I cry a little less. And I smile a LOT more ❤️????
02/17/2021 07:11

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