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???????? my friends !!!! Take off your ???????????????????? and????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️!! #HansZatzka
03/06/2021 03:50
Happy birthday to the man that always makes me laugh ????????????!!!!! Who did it better ???? @samasghari
03/04/2021 09:08
It’s so crazy how time flies .... My boys are so big now ????‍????‍???? !!!! I know … I know … it’s very hard for any mama especially a mama with boys seeing them grow up so fast !!!! Talk about enough to make you go to your knees ... GEEZ  !!!! I’m extremely lucky because my two babies are such gentleman and so kind that I must have done something right ???? !!!! I haven’t posted pictures of them for some time cause they’re at the age where they want to express their own identities and I totally get it .... But I went out of my way to make this cool edit ???? and guess what .... They’re finally letting me post it !!! Now I don’t feel left out anymore ???????????? and I’m gonna go celebrate .... Oh shit I guess cool moms don’t do that ... Ok I’ll just read a book instead ????????‍♀️???????? !!!!
03/02/2021 04:09
Yes … this night was a dream !!!! Sometimes you have so much fun that the time flies by in literally 2 seconds !!!!  That happened to me this night ???? !!!! I got to hair and makeup in jeans and a sweatshirt and I left like this !!!! It’s taken me 19 years to realize that I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ???? … the red dress ???? … the white and red diamonds ???? …. and geez the curly hair ???? !!!! The power of dreams … my my my ????✨???? !!!!
03/02/2021 01:43
On all accounts of the craziness the past year ... I feel like God’s tears have hit all of us with what the world has been through due to coronavirus !!! This new year should be a year of cleansing our inner selves with meditation ????????‍♀️ … prayer ???????? ... any kind of hobby that brings joy ???????? … and being conscious of what we put in our bodies as well ???? !!!  This all helps us to have a clear mind … body … spirit and offers so much more clarity in our everyday lives !!!!  This year I devote myself to lots of tea ☕️ and healing !!!! I’m working on allowing myself to not be so strong all the time and to know it’s ok to cry !!!! I pray for deep healing this year for all of us and I hope we can all inspire each other !!!! Again … BE KIND - PASS IT ON AMERICA ????????????!!!!
03/02/2021 01:17
02/27/2021 04:05
I still have this same suit in my closet ????????✨ !!!! Who triple dog dares me to pull it out ????????????‍♀️ ???? ???? #TBT ????: Mark Liddell
02/26/2021 04:42
When you show up to the black tie event late ... didn’t get the wardrobe memo ????????????  .... and you just pray that no one there is OFFENDED ????????????????‍♀️ !!!!!
02/26/2021 02:20
JUST SAYING … GEEZ … Look at those horns ???????? !!!! Ps … I took this pic ????????????‍♀️ !!!!!
02/24/2021 11:20
These are pix from our last trip to Maui ✈️????????☀️???? !!!!! @samasghari
02/24/2021 02:58
hence why my body looks a little different in this new video !!!!  No … I didn’t follow through with the ice cream diet ???????? .... I chose portion control which is very hard when it comes to Doritos ???????? !!!!! On a positive note … my body does feel way better now ???????? !!!! If you’re wondering why I have socks at the tip of my toes ... well I’m waiting for real lyrical shoes ???? !!!! The marble floor has done a number on my feet with blisters so white tape covered with a black sock ???? will have to do for now ????????‍♀️???? !!!! My lyrical shoes come tomorrow and I haven’t worn a pair since I was 9 so I’m sure they’re even better these days !!! God bless and sending love to all of you ????✨!????!!!
02/24/2021 01:24
Man it’s so much fun out here !!!!! Especially when you don’t have to do ANYTHING AT ALL ???????????????????? !!!!! @samasghari
02/19/2021 03:47

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