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Working on that resting batch face. ????
10/19/2021 01:57
10/14/2021 04:16
Legends of Tomorrow returns this Wednesday!!!! Usually we finish filming a season and there’s a couple of months before it airs. But this year we’re still filming the season that will be airing. Which is actually really cool, makes it all feel more alive. We had a lot of fun filming this premiere episode. Instead of doing a lot of green screen and CGI we went more practical which way more fun than faking it. But what really made this episode fun…my cast mates. We are a very random group of individuals that somehow magically gel so well together. They make me laugh until I cry and help pick me up when I’m feeling down. We’ve been through a lot together personally and professionally. I’m so grateful to work with such an talented and kind people. The care is real ???? @nickzano @talaashe @mattryanreal @jesmacallan @tseky @liviaswann @shayansobhian @lissethchavez @missamypembs #legendsoftomorrow @cw_legendsoftomorrow
10/08/2021 08:18
Sometimes you just gotta check in with those head spins make sure you still got it ???? @ivan.flipz.velez still got that cap you gave me! Had fun dancing you you ladies @missamypembs @liviaswann @jesmacallan ????
10/03/2021 07:25
I know what you’re thinking… Yah we’re still here. ???? Call your best friend @cw_legendsoftomorrow returns October 13th???? !
10/01/2021 12:11
Never enough dancing with these two @dominiquedomingo @noreenthemachine #freebritney
09/27/2021 10:59
Making new friends isn’t easy, but when new friends become old friends…????
09/27/2021 01:02
I can believe I made it this long without learning the most iconic music video choreography ever. @brianfriedman yes @britneyspears come dance with us ???? It felt soooooooo good to dance with my sisters @dominiquedomingo and @noreenthemachine again. Can’t even explain how much this filled up my soul ????
09/22/2021 11:17
Cheese and pink Marble with my high school friends ????
09/21/2021 02:17
Had fun riding with my cowboy in Toronto ????
09/14/2021 11:10

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