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So this is the second of three Tuning In episodes with @iamrebeccawalker and @lilydiamond. Using their book @whatsyourstorynow, speaks to our interpersonal relationships, how open we are to giving and receiving love, our ability to communicate and how we connect to the people closest to us. I hope the work I did with Rebecca and Lily in this episode can serve as an example as to how this journal can be used to explore your feelings so you can write your own story. ✨????????♥️✨ To buy @whatsyourstorynow, please visit the link in their bio!
02/25/2021 05:02
So when I find something inspiring, I like to share it through this episodic format that I’m calling Tuning In. This time I’m exploring the work of @iamrebeccawalker and @lilydiamond in their new book @whatsyourstorynow Rebecca and Lily created this journal to help guide you to find your truth and write your own story. It helped me voice some truths about myself that I found really empowering. This first episode is about exploring your relationship with your body. I hope the exploration I did with Rebecca and Lily can serve as an example to empower you in your own story ✨????♥️✨
02/23/2021 04:38
On the menu: Homemade Granola, zesty Lime Coconut Yogurt, Simple Chia Seed Pudding and Minted Berries that all come together in a delicious brunch bowl ???????????? Then there’s a stunning Deluxe Hash Brown Skillet piled high with spicy beans and delicious fixings???????? Finished and paired perfectly with my @avaline rosé spritzer ???? The full episode with @marymccartney & @nicolerichie is streaming now on @discoveryplus
02/17/2021 01:55
After seeing family, friends and so many others battle COVID-19, and feeling powerless, I learned about #COVIDRescueTeam! If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, you may have powerful antibodies in your blood plasma. When you donate COVID Plasma you may potentially help families from losing a loved one. Visit to learn more and schedule your appointment #covidrescueteam
01/13/2021 12:53
Always good to know a fun party trick! ???????? Even if there are no parties happening! ????
12/13/2020 04:01
@avaline Sparkling wine is here!!! ???? Cheers to you ALL for your support, messages & comments! ????
12/03/2020 11:26
Check out @bese’s latest episode of “Flavor of Sound,” my first ever meditative ASMR (????) cooking lesson! I love what my girl @zoesaldana is doing with @bese —telling untold, multicultural stories that reflect today’s America. On this episode I’ll be preparing a dish by my Cuban Abuelo: Bistec de palomilla ???? with a side of avocado salad ???? and an @avaline white wine mojito to accompany the Cuban dish!
11/14/2020 12:14
@avaline RED IS HERE!!! ???????? Rolling into a store near you!! Enjoy responsibly with your quarin-team besties! @lesliemann you are my skating queen!!
10/28/2020 04:11
• Pairs with @avaline white wine ✨ Ingredients: • Broccoli • Kale • Avocado • Pickled egg • Toasted bread • Garlic • Manchego (or your favorite) Cheese • Grainy mustard • Fresh mint • Red Wine Vinegar • Champagne vinegar • Olive oil • Butter (or vegan substitute)
10/23/2020 10:38
Fresh, delicious, made with certified organic grapes ???? #ahhvaline @avaline
10/17/2020 01:36
. Hi all!! I’ve been posting a lot of videos about cooking. We all know the joy that food brings to us and our families.. how it nourishes our minds bodies and souls. That’s why I am so excited to share with you my conversation with @leahpenniman, founder of @soulfirefarm ???? Where we will be discussing the subject of racism and injustice in the food system and learning about the important work of @soulfirefarm ????????????
10/15/2020 08:31
Great for Game Day & pairs great with @avaline Rose. Go Lakers!! ???? . Ingredients . 1 head of cauliflower Your favorite buffalo wing hot sauce 1/2tsp Garlic powder 1/2tsp Onion powder 1/2tsp Paprika 1tblspoon of olive oil 2 tblspoons of butter Your favorite ranch dressing or Sour cream and ranch packet seasoning. ????
10/10/2020 02:49

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