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A while back, I stumbled across an incredible TED Talk from the California Surgeon General, @nadineburkeharris, and it truly changed the way I thought about mental health and healing. I’m so excited for you all to listen to our conversation and learn about her groundbreaking work on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), how they affect us, and how we can begin to heal. Head over to my stories to watch our full conversation! And follow @mynumberstory or visit to find resources to support your healing journey.
06/11/2021 07:58
nature and family > everything. Thank you Ojai ❤️????????
06/08/2021 12:13
what if you said yes to acknowledging your emotions? sound on to hear how I manage & navigate my emotions in my new series, #breatheIntoIt on @calm
06/07/2021 08:26
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06/05/2021 06:42
I’ll make the top comment my caption hit me with ur best comedy
06/04/2021 10:29
asked my mama to take pics of my fit ????
06/04/2021 06:35
big vibes
06/03/2021 01:42
05/31/2021 01:51
home ????
05/29/2021 08:46
I’m really inspired by @blocbyblocmke (Black Leaders Organizing in Community) and the work they have done to prioritize their wellness and healing as they organize for justice. BLOC is an amazing organization from Wisconsin that is part of the Healing Justice Project . Their work focuses on building long term political power, ensuring access to economic opportunity for members of the Black community, and empowering Black leaders to build a representative democracy.  Head to my stories to learn more and follow @blocbyblocmke to find ways to support ❤️
05/28/2021 08:04
05/27/2021 05:55

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