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wedgies & waves
01/05/2021 09:23
Bringing you into the new year with our latest @manscaped skit ! We know you’ve been loving them so happy new year from us ???? Now you know that I love how he keeps his balls and trophy nice and clean ???????????? @manscaped @gronk
01/05/2021 03:01
last nights last full moon of 2020 ???? . Rather than a romantic moonlit walk on the beach, we took advantage of the energy of this full moon to release any blocks physically and emotionally and recharged with healing, motivating, and loving energy. Our walk turned into a run and then a band workout followed by stretching. I focused on opening my hips to release any blocked or stored energy in my physical body and laid in the sand to ground while speaking to release any negative energy emotionally trapped . I focused on deep breathing, being present and appreciating stillness after all of the movement. I took in the energy of the full moon, the earth elements with the sand under my feet and the waves from the strong yet soft force of the ocean energy ???? I spoke of the things I’m grateful for, took time for affirmations and put out my manifestations to the universe ???? I honor and practice these things any day of the week too. These can be done whenever and wherever . Take what resonates with you and let me know how you feel ???? here’s to peace, health, love and continued growth for the new year to come for all of us
12/30/2020 10:16
Honor your vision. Believe in yourself. Heal, align, be present, take action. Enjoy the ride ???? glammed & styled by @jesssouthern photography by @danette_and
12/29/2020 05:21
a creative Sunday in a local Boston studio led to an international digital print moment we will cherish forever . go team go @kolbyknight @kaciecorbelle @christiandadams wearing @sandroparis pleated trench, @paulekaofficiel dress and @adinas.jewels
12/27/2020 10:38
Two spikes on a Saturday and a Bucs W ????‍☠️????#HelloPlayoffs
12/27/2020 12:37
walking in a winter wonderland ❄️ Merry Christmas beautiful people ????
12/25/2020 09:37
It’s the beard for me ???????????? Merry Christmas !!! #Christmascheer
12/25/2020 09:34
my favorite time of year ❄️???? ???? sending so much love, peace, and health to you all
12/25/2020 08:00
Beaches & beanies perfectly describes my coast to coast lifestyle ❄️???? rocking my @shinethelighton NND beanie in BLAZE ????
12/24/2020 06:06
‘Of all the roads she traveled, the journey back to herself was the most magnificent’ ????
12/21/2020 11:32
This years @sportsillustrated Sportsperson of the Year award show look VS last year ???? goodbye heels hello sweats ALL 2020
12/20/2020 03:00

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