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Chocolate orange almond cake. I took this picture. Picture is as good as the cake which was MOIST which makes it goooooooooood
03/02/2021 01:28
Me and my girl Sybil breathing it in and blowing it out (I’d like to say peacefully but Albus was being a bit of a bell and was trying to flying jump every bike that passed) swings and roundabouts ay ???? #adoptdontshop
02/24/2021 06:28
I wrote another book. This is Happy Cooking. The toughest thing I’ve ever had to do in the toughest year of my life. But here it is. I did it. It is me as I am, my food, my thoughts, my mental health and some of the ways I try to escape that grey cloud , disperse the fog and outrun the black dog with food, cooking and baking. I am beyond proud but I am also completely and utterly terrified of the prospect of me being seen properly by everyone. There is only one me and this is it, in my happy place. I have a lot of thanks to give, and I will do that. But for now I am just putting this here. It’s out 1st July 2021 pre order and details are in my bio ????
02/24/2021 12:35
Did some some baking, made one of the best cakes I’ve done I think. Look at that crack though!! Used @millitaylor idea of brown butter (which is genius by the way lady!) and added any odds and sods I could find in the cupboard to make this banana, sugared pecan, cinnamon, chocolate, kitchen sink and Pom Pom cake (jokes on the sink and Pom Poms obvs) but my gaddd does this bang and make me feel things ????????????
02/23/2021 08:10
17/02/21 ????
02/14/2021 04:44
Coz we can’t give actual kisses at the mo why not make some meringue ones ????
02/11/2021 08:58
Hello you lovely people, the votes have been counted and you chose to make some meringue kisses! Well, what better time when we can’t give ‘actual’ kisses right now ???? Get ready for some Valentine's Day themed baking fun because on Thursday at 5pm GMT I'll be doing a LIVE bake along with @twochicksproducts. Swipe right for the list of ingredients you will need and see you on Thursday! The more the merrier ???????? #AD
02/09/2021 03:15
What makes you SUPER? Me? I have bad ass friends like @iamlaurenmahon who not only kicked cancers stupid ass but has just released her new campaign calling on you to tell everyone what makes you SUPER! Cancer doesn’t define you, you do! For @girlvscancer and today being #worldcancerday she has magicked up these banging POW and sick as BOOM hoodies and Tit-tees for your bodies pleasure! Have a look on her page and get ordering! While you are at it, have a grab have a feel and check yourself and check someone else (ask first!) know your normal and get any lumps or bumps checked ❤️ (also I like to think being kind and making people smile makes me super ❤️)
02/05/2021 12:28
How it was vs how it’s going........ 10, 11 who know years ago we went to Australia on 3 days notice for 5 weeks. We booked a flight to Sydney and a flight home from Cairns. Everything in between we laughed our way through and we are still laughing now (yes people thought we were lovers, yes we ruined most people’s trip and yes we managed to clear every hostel dorm we slept in!). My girl, my pea, never questions, queries or hesitates to be by my side. Blondie to my brownie. Happy Birthday @annalouburnham I feel bad for anyone that doesn’t know you or have you in their lives ❤️❤️❤️❤️
01/26/2021 12:51
Forever this ones biggest fan. @themattevers we will always be cute and I’ll always shout the loudest for you. @dancingonice tonight no13 for you the OG ???? now you and @vanouten_denise go spank that ices butt and show it who is boss. Love you x
01/17/2021 08:51
Lol bought me an Anzac biscuit while stomping about Hackney yesterday so today I made my own. I present to you my little spiced Anzac cookies! Crisp on the edge and soft as me watching programmes about baby animals in the middle! Fit
01/12/2021 09:31
Stew porn for you’re eyes and mind and belly if you want it! Chicken thigh, bacon, allllll the veg, white wine, stock and fluffy as fook pesto dumplings! Mouth dribbling shiz right here
01/10/2021 07:23

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