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My heart belongs to these two beautiful powerhouses. I will never be the same. Happy #NationalDaughtersDay ❤️
09/26/2020 03:24
This is NOT FUCKING OKAY.‬ THIS is why we need to show up this Nov. We can’t give up. For Breonna. Demand change and vote out those who won’t allow it.
09/24/2020 11:30
Big love to my @ctaop ladies Ashlee George and Lorrie Fair Allen who helped bring the CTAOP Youth Leaders Scholarship to life, who work tirelessly everyday to foster the next generation of change makers, and who are just all around incredible humans ❤️
09/23/2020 04:28
09/23/2020 04:17
I am incredibly proud to be a part of the #DiorChinUp campaign alongside some of the most inspiring and impactful women in the world. These exceptional women have joined together with me to share our collective passion for purpose through a partnership with @Diorparfums and my foundation, @CTAOP. @Dior has been a longtime partner of mine and @CTAOP, and we are honored by their commitment to the education and empowerment of young people. Through this partnership, Dior is providing full 4-year scholarships for the new cohort of CTAOP Youth Leaders Scholars who will begin their university journeys in 2021. #DiorStandsWithWomen • @caradelevingne @palomija #marinacavazzana @pamelatulizo @yalitzaapariciomtz @golfarahani @parrisgoebel @carolebiancalana @libingbing @leynabloom
09/23/2020 04:10
This is how @drewbarrymore and I greet each other every time. Thanks for having me on @thedrewbarrymoreshow and talking @ctaop, #TogetherForHer, and life in general! Congrats on this incredible new show - you continue to bring joy and happiness to the world. Love you lady ❤️
09/17/2020 11:03
Can’t believe these little assholes are a year old! We love you Leo & Cleo! Even when you destroy all my furniture
09/09/2020 08:17
Don’t let your local polling place close! If you’re over 16, sign up TODAY to be a poll worker at & share! You not only get paid for your heroic work, but you’ll help end the national poll worker shortage we’re facing in 2020. Everyone gets free PPE too. If we don’t recruit more people, many polling locations will close! Please help reach our goal of signing up 250,000 poll workers. You’ll be a hero in your community by protecting the right to vote for your neighbors. Join the movement and be a #pollhero today! Link in my bio to signup xx
09/04/2020 08:56
I love this handsome human so much! Happy birthday, Keanu. You’re just the best!????
09/03/2020 03:48
J’ADORE – INFINISSIME ✨ • #diorparfums #diorjadore
09/01/2020 10:33
Every day is #InternationalDogDay in my house.
08/27/2020 12:29
Happy birthday to the BEST PUBLICIST EVER. ❤️ - your second favorite client.
08/23/2020 03:07