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Back to your regularly scheduled program ???? Happy mental health day everyone…You guys know I talk about it a lot but I’ve really struggled with anxiety and depression since I was about sixteen, specifically panic attacks and self harm. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found so many healthy ways to channel that energy and use it as motivation for everything that I do. It’s a huge part of the reason I started both my brands that represent finding Beauty in pain and taking a moment to just really appreciate yourself. I love each and everyone of you because you’ve absolutely changed my life and made me feel not so alone. That was a huge part of the reason I even started doing this in the first place was because I connected with people who dealt with the same thing. Remember you’re not alone and things always get better! @revolve
10/10/2021 09:42
She wanna ride me while she smoke weed ✨ CAWFEE date w my favs Fit @revolve
10/09/2021 10:47
Obsessed with film lately ???? new YouTube video up with my new puppy Milla! Dress @revolve
10/08/2021 10:44
A beauty in pain @beautyinpain ???? Film @jessicache
10/07/2021 09:54
Full TULUM video on my YouTube ✨ If you haven’t seen it go check it out ????
10/06/2021 08:01
Can’t I’m busy ???? filming a new smoke roses episode today ???? who do you think we are having on! @revolve
10/05/2021 07:56
New YouTube video from TULUM up at noon today ???? @revolve Film by @jessicache
10/01/2021 08:52
Baby I’m amazed by you we just haven’t met yet ???? @revolve brunch w bae today!
09/30/2021 01:53
Don’t talk to me or my daughter ???? @revolve
09/28/2021 08:50
We makin it rain ???? thank you for all the love and support these past months! So many shows, so many beautiful people…and man I’ve been putting in the time, so your support means the world ❤️ and we are just getting started! Thank you to my incredible team and loved ones that keep me going! Styled by @eveleighstyle
09/27/2021 08:21

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