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L.A.! ☀️ The Bowl is back and I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be performing on July 16 & 17 ????????‍♀️ Tickets go on sale June 1. See you there!! Visit for more info.
05/11/2021 08:10
@sofiadivene you are too good !! ????❤️
05/01/2021 06:19
What a girl really wants is the perfect pair of jeans ????
04/24/2021 03:55
I’m sick of mfs tryna tell me how to live
04/15/2021 04:14
04/14/2021 08:00
???????? ???? @colienarentmeester
04/14/2021 12:19
Accepting yourself is what beauty is really about ???? @healthmagazine Photographer: @colienarentmeester Editor in Chief: @amy.b.conway Writer: @BethanyHeitman Creative Director: @mccormick_michael Photo Director: @DavidCooperArt Styling: @superrrdani Hair: @hairbyiggy Makeup: @etienneortega
04/13/2021 03:00
@ddlovato ❤️ The final episode of #DemiDWTD is out now
04/07/2021 02:30
You’re simply the best, @m_rutler! Happy Birthday ❤️ You continuously impress me with how devoted, driven and hardworking you are, while being a devoted, loving and thoughtful parent & partner. You always strive to be better and never settle for anything but. From being an amazing father to an incredible business man and forward thinker, you innovate and execute ideas on the daily. I remember when Masterclass was just a little idea being tossed around our backyard. Now knowing and seeing first-hand the backstory in how you helped grow it to become the mega success it is, I’m not surprised because I witness the magic behind the machine every day — in every sense of what you do. From helping keep the family glue together to building the successes you do. I’m proud of you and will always be in your corner...cheering you on to keep shining and succeeding in all your wildest dreams. Love you baby. ????????????
04/06/2021 04:06
Happy Easter! ???? Daddy used to wear Summer’s big enough to put it on ???????????? They get big too fast!
04/05/2021 02:41
Is everybody ready?
04/02/2021 04:12
Play it back ????
03/31/2021 03:01

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