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???????????? @lofficielitalia
09/23/2020 09:04
Women. The inspiration of my life. ???? ???????? ➙ ➙
09/22/2020 04:01
My heart hurts that we lost Supreme Court Justice #RuthBaderGinsburg this week, but it’s been so beautiful to see the outpouring of love and esteem for this feminist icon and warrior for human rights. Last night, there were 7780 virgils around courthouses in our country according to @womensmarch, honoring #RBG. Right now, the Supreme Court grounds in DC are covered with flowers. #RBG was pro freedom, pro-justice, pro-choice. She fought endlessly for those discriminated against, people of color and women and the LGBTQ+ community. In life, her impact dwarfed her 5’1 size. And it does in her passing as well. Let us honor her by continuing the fight for equity, equality, and inclusion. Let us honor her by being powerful and fearless leaders in our own domains. Let us honor her by being the fighters that she fought for us to be! May her memory be a revolution. #RIPRBG #MayHerMemoryBeARevolution #BeAFighter #Fighters
09/21/2020 12:58
Game night ????????????..... Name your favorite game. Ready. Set. go.
09/20/2020 05:34
#TBT to the first Latin Grammy Awards in 2000... I will always treasure mine ❤️????
09/18/2020 03:10
Always remembering my dearest Stinky ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ My baby before I had any babies. Miss him so so much every day. More Stinky love up on my stories.
09/14/2020 05:18
Feliz cumpleaños to #MiReflejo! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years! This one is my heart, my second studio album, performed in Spanish. You guys still show this album so much love to this day, and for that I am forever grateful. Some of my memories in the swipe - from #PeroMeAcuerdoDeTi to #ContigoEnLaDistancia. What's your favorite song from this album? ❤️???? Te amo
09/13/2020 04:32
My idea of heaven☁️☁️ What’s yours...? (art by @__baeige__)
09/10/2020 04:45
Smile! If you need a little pick me up, pick a post it ???????? #laborday
09/07/2020 10:29
Desperate times call for desperate measures. How are you all staying cool out there? ☀️????????
09/06/2020 10:02
#Reflection ✨ Look at me⁣⁣ You may think you see who I really am⁣⁣ But you’ll never know me⁣⁣ Every day ⁣⁣ It’s as if I play a part ⁣⁣ Now I see⁣⁣ If I wear a mask, I can fool the world⁣⁣ But I cannot fool my heart ♡⁣⁣
09/04/2020 08:33
Performed a medley of my two newest songs for @disney’s @mulan, “Reflection” and “Loyal Brave True”. Watch at the link in my bio ????
09/03/2020 08:53