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my boyfriend is a rock star????
09/19/2021 09:32
the day the earth stood still???? every year, this day is such a reminder to me that tomorrow is never promised, & how thankful i am for all of the blessings i’ve been given & the life that i live. i’m forever praying for those affected & the beautiful souls lost this day, 20 years ago. never forget????
09/12/2021 03:39
team certified lover boy, team donda or team melodic blue?? pick your player!!!
09/11/2021 05:33
season 4 babyyyyy! hope this cheers you up after watching the finale tonight ;) so excited to continue telling these amazing stories & getting into some @goodtrouble ????
09/09/2021 06:20
just here for the fried oreos????
09/07/2021 06:08
ok, fine imy2
09/05/2021 01:47
just in case y’all forgot i like to sing sometimes ;) also hi @danooch!!!
08/26/2021 05:28
i don’t even believe myself when i say i’ll be ready in 5 minutes????
08/22/2021 02:05
is my sissy’s birfday!!!!!! @maiamitchell i don’t know where i would be without you over the years…but i definitely know i would be lost & life would be verrrry boring. from lil teenagers nervously DMing each other to meet up for coffee before our first table read, to growing up & going through everything in life together, & i’m so thankful to have done it by your side! wishing you a happy happy birthday from across the world ???????? i’ll have a pine-mosa in your honor!!! love you maia papaya p.s. yes, every year i will throwback our music video until we make a new one
08/19/2021 01:37
happy 2 years to the boy i love most in the whoooooole world, ✨@othrsyde✨
08/16/2021 09:23

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