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register #todaywewillvote
10/05/2020 11:53
head to to learn more✊????@civilrightsorg @allvotingislocal #andstillivote
09/30/2020 12:22
yeah, and at the end of the play he, he got up you know...and he just started like, banging his hands together
09/26/2020 11:27
I’m incredibly grateful to have sat down with a brilliant woman today for a chat about anti-racism work, the Pursue Black Liberation 21 Day Challenge, and how us young people can show up for Black liberation. After you watch, follow @moemotivate and engage (RESPECTFULLY!) with her work to begin your work in anti-racism. Thank you @moemotivate again for giving us your time, insight, education (and some laughs) today. And thank you to the friends who joined us live!
09/26/2020 01:25
Friends. I’m going live TODAY at 2:30 pm PST, with @moemotivate to talk about her work as an anti-racism educator, and her recently launched Pursue Black Liberation 21 Day Challenge (which I’m currently completing) I’d love for you to join me for a thoughtful conversation with a brilliant woman. Tune in!
09/25/2020 09:04
for some scenes in the sleepover, cree secretly wore these purple pants. because cree was scared of the bugs. but cree never, and I mean NEVER, took off the beret.
09/21/2020 11:10
Friends! Black liberation is for everyone (yes! everyone!) and I'm excited to announce that I'm joining the #PursueBlackLiberationChallenge created by Monique Melton @moemotivate, anti-racism educator, author, international speaker and host of the Shine Brighter Together Podcast. This is a 21-day challenge that officially ‪starts on September 21st‬ (but you can join anytime after that) and we will be focusing on doing the work to build a daily practice of anti-racism by pursuing Black liberation. The challenge is completely free and is designed in a way for you to take practical and sustainable anti-racism action everyday. It’s meant to get you started on your lifetime work of anti-racism. Will you join me in the challenge? Click the link in @moemotivate bio to sign up or swipe up in my stories. Tag 3 others that you're inviting to join you in this challenge too. Let's get it friends✊????
09/18/2020 11:23
I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with an incredible man, who survived wrongful incarceration and injustice starting when he was just a teenager. Huwe Burton was generous enough to join me and share with us his story, some education on the court system in America, and his personal experience with The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization which works to end mass incarceration in the U.S. After you watch, give @innocenceproject a follow, and click the link in my bio to get involved with their work. Their client, Pervis Payne, is currently on death row. You can learn about his case and take action at, or just swipe up in my stories and head straight there. Also, big thanks to @blairimani for helping me prepare for this interview! Take action friends✊????
09/18/2020 12:48
my arms don’t seem to be responding to my brain anymore
09/17/2020 03:52
Friends! Vote! If you haven’t already, register! This is my first time too. We gotta get on it! We can’t just leave this up to old people like @therealcooperbarnes Right @joeybragg ?
09/14/2020 08:04
rubber plastic metal glass
09/10/2020 10:13
fear does not exist in this dojo
09/09/2020 04:42