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August 21. On @netflix
08/05/2020 08:47
thank you @refinery29
07/30/2020 08:51
Made the calls? Sent the emails? Signed the petitions? Do it again. Do it daily. You can click the link in my bio to get started. They want us to forget her. We won’t. Image From: @justiceforbreonnataylor
07/30/2020 04:50
did some fun things with @rivalmagla ???? head to their page to check it out
07/26/2020 04:01
was severely lacking a red lip and @thelipbar came thru! vegan, cruelty free, and made for everyone????check em out friends!
07/19/2020 11:35
ya girl officially has ink. she matches mama now ????#internationaltattooday
07/18/2020 07:42
i know you’ve all wanted to see me in a yellow beret’re welcome. #TheSleepover @netflix
07/09/2020 11:18
Already made calls? Already signed petitions? Wondering what else you can do for Elijah McClain. @justiceforelijahmcclain has us covered. We’ve got mailboxes to fill!! Sat down today to write some letters to send to officials with the power to bring about justice for Elijah. Swipe for addresses and head to @justiceforelijahmcclain for even more info! Tag me in pics of you writing your letters and sending them off, and I’ll throw em up on my story! We’ve got this friends! Let’s get to work✊???? Info From: @justiceforelijahmcclain Art By: @czillustration
07/09/2020 02:06
Still no accountability. Have you been taking action for #breonnataylor daily friends? Making calls? Sending emails? Don’t let her name fade away. Don’t let her murder be forgotten. Dedicate time each day to take action for Breonna Taylor. We’ve got to. They want us to slow down. We cannot. Click the link in my bio to get started. #justiceforbreonnataylor #arrestthecopswhokilledbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter ART BY: @alicexz
07/06/2020 11:22
here’s one of my favorite @mriglesiasnetflix Part 2 bloops to make you smile. we were just grabbing some audio and @fluffyguy and @jokoy had some fun. enjoy friends.
07/03/2020 09:15
Fighting injustice is a daily practice friends. We have to keep pushing. Every day. Until we hit those goals we’ve got lined up. Even if you’ve already taken action for Breonna Taylor, (even these specific actions!) do them again. Do them daily. Until her murderers are held accountable. It’s our responsibility. Swipe for action steps. And hit the link in my bio for even more. Thanks friends✊???? Graphic: @allyhickson Calls To Action: @grassrootslaw
06/25/2020 11:22
Warning: Some details of this post may be distressing. Proceed with caution friends. Elijah McClain was a beautiful young soul. His murderers need to be held accountable. Right now. Swipe to read about his death. Swipe for some calls to action. And click the link in my story for even more. (If you can’t find it, head into my Sign/Call highlight and click till you see Elijah. Then swipe up.) Get to work friends✊???? Graphics: @realmikecolter Calls to Action: @justiceforelijahmcclain
06/25/2020 01:38