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What is even healthy these days? ⠀ For me it’s the balance between physical, mental health and healthy interpersonal relationships ???????? ⠀ ⠀ Physical health wise - we all know that we should be exercising (at least for 30 minutes a day) regularly, be outdoors, be active/take enough steps daily, make smarter food choices as it directly affects the way we feel ????????‍♀️ ⠀ We all know it full well but yet we aren’t succeeding on that front for some reason.. Like you all know you shouldn’t be eating sugar and yet haven’t signed up for my unique first ever upcoming 21 day sugar free challenge (link in bio ????) ⠀ Then mental health.. It’s so complex but we are often self-sabotaging hard. Most of the times unconsciously of course.. We usually ignore the inner conversation that keeps happening and are so scared to stay 1-1 with our thoughts???? ⠀ All the interpersonal relationships we come across in our life can contribute either negatively or positively to it.. And it’s it’s totally up to US what effect they’re going to impose???? We all have (or still are) experienced some twisted friendships, abusive or co-dependent relationships, toxic situationships, zero boundaries family affair*ships and what not… ???? ⠀ I believe that everything we go through depending on how big or small is just the universe giving us some signs. And it’s only up to us whether we can decipher them and find that capacity within ourselves to learn a lesson or just keep failing into the same hole over and over.. ???? ⠀ Please don’t ignore your sixth sense - it always tries to find the ways to tell you that you’re clearly doing something wrong! ⠀ As soon as you come to the realisation that all you need right now is to radically remove anyone and anything that drags you down, let go of those fears, social norms and whatever else that keeps you in that toxicity.. ⠀ Stop clinging onto the idea of how it should be or the ‘obligations’ you might’ve drawn in your head. Think about YOUR OWN well-being and proverbial happiness! ⠀ Love, your sensei Dasha ????????
09/29/2021 02:55
Sad? Keep your chin up cause when it’s down it looks like there’s two of them, which is gross ???? ⠀ The new @womensbestwear Move long sleeve tops and shorts just dropped and they are ???????? Go one size up in shorts though if you don’t like them digging into the skin! (Dasha20 for extra 20% off ????) #womensbest
09/28/2021 12:14
AB killer in under 15 minutes ???? And if you really want a burner smash 4 sets of each! ⠀ wearing @womensbestwear ????
09/21/2021 11:38
Hiiii ???? @womensbest Renew dried yellow and pacific blue colours are now available and you need them in your life ???????? ⠀ This is my most fav range cause compression tights and not to mention a comfy bra I’ve been wearing during this endless 3 month lockdown to every single outing (read - power walks and grocery shopping ????) ⠀ I’ve got a code for you all now ???? Use DASHA20 for 20% off woohoo #womensbest
09/13/2021 11:56
In this live I covered my story How long I’ve been off sugar for How to deal with withdrawals How long it takes to fully quit Whether you can have fruit/honey/wine Whether I crave sugar now Eating out, social gatherings and sugar And many many more ????????
09/13/2021 12:48
The secret parenting techniques for raising a driven child ???????? ⠀ Show them daily how you do it - that’s the only way ????????‍♀️ ⠀ My most favourite saying of all times is ‘don’t teach your kids, they’ll still be like you’ So I truly believe we gotta show them with our own example! ⠀ Especially I see how it works when it comes to healthy eating. How can we expect our child to wanna eat berries for dessert when they watch us demolish chocolate bars daily ???? ⠀ Or telling them ‘broccoli is really good for you, so eat it. Now ????’ When they never saw us enjoying any veggies except hot chips ???? ⠀ This kinda ‘parenting’ also goes both ways - before becoming a single parent I was the most feminine and girly girl ever. And now I can see myself channeling some masculine vibes cause I’m raising a little man ???? ⠀ На русском в карусели ❤️
09/09/2021 02:59
Are you repeating every single booty workout you see on instagram but aren’t seeing any results? This is going to give you the answers ???? ⠀ Follow all the instructions on the exercises and watch your bum grooow ???? ⠀ Outfit @womensbestwear ???? . Если вы тщательно повторяете каждую тренировку из инстаграм на попец, но не видите результатов, нужно начать действовать именно с этого первого шага☝???? ⠀ Самое главное - это чувствовать нужные вам мышцы при выполнении упражнений. Чаще мы чувствуем ненужные и в этом вся загвоздка ???? ⠀ Эти три упражнения на разогрев перед основной тренировкой - просто must, чтобы научиться включать ягодицы, а не квадрицепсы, например. Так что, хватайте резинку (если без, то увеличьте количество повторений) и вперёд, навстречу ????
08/31/2021 01:55
You’ve done it lots of times - it’s finally time for you to have a break mamulya ❤️ Leon told me today as he grabbed the super heavy bag with groceries after the checkout and hung on his tiny little arm. He’s even put it in the car declining my help: ‘No ma, I’ll place it in, don’t worry’ ???? ⠀ He also wrote me a letter the other day: ‘Dear mum. I love you because you feed me, you made me, you take care of me and lots more like always being proud of me’ (I just had to add the commas in this quote, we still need to work on his punctuation ????) ⠀ Or sometimes out of the blue he might say: ‘I know it’s hard for you, I understand. I really do my best to make your life easier’ ⠀ Such an appreciative and wise little Man that keeps me grounded more than any meditations, hypnosis sessions or self-care practises I do ???? ⠀ На русском в карусели ????
08/24/2021 01:51
Sydney lockdown workouts these days are all about not leaving the floor/mat yet totally smashing all the body parts ???????? ⠀ This 6 exercise circuit is perfect if you’re (like myself) have been trying to get yourself motivated hard to challenge yourself with minimal effort ???? ⠀ Especially the first move… Regardless of your fitness level I dare you do the minimum of 10 per side with the max control and the slowest speed possible ???? ⠀ Wearing my most fav @womensbestwear Renew drop - hurry up while they’re hosting the bday sale with everything up to 60% off ???? ⠀ #womensbestwear
08/20/2021 01:33
Sugar free low carb syrniki ???????????? (Russian cheese pancakes) ⠀ 4 ingredients only ⠀ You just gotta get the cottage cheese from any Russian shop (or eastern european deli) or use ricotta (the taste will be not the same though ????) ⠀ I used chickpea flour as it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much as any other flour, has more protein, fiber and less carbs ???????? Sweetened with erythritol as it’s the best alternative - also doesn’t affect your blood sugar and passes straight through the digestive system unchanged ???? ⠀ Enjoy ????
08/19/2021 01:27

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