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Homemade healthified nutrishified sushi ???? ???? ⠀ Sushi is considered a relatively healthy meal. You might think that if you opt for some ‘clean fillings’ with no spicy mayo or deep fried something you’re sweet ???????? You are literally ???? ⠀ Not everybody is aware that sushi rice has a lot of added sugar (and vinegar) to make it nice and sticky. Plus it gets pressed so firmly into the nori sheet that you can consume the whole cup and a half or two of rice in just one sushi roll. And nobody eats just one ???? ⠀ Plus there is some sugar and more importantly tons of sodium in the soy sauce. Of course it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to steer clear as if it’s your former toxic friend ????It simply means it’s not an everyday food kind of thing ⠀ Unless you make them yourself ???? ⠀ Today I’ve experimented with brown rice/quinoa rolls and wasn’t really expecting for them to turn out that well but since I have here is the recipe: ⠀ Ingredients for 24 rolls ⠀ ???? 2 cups cooked brown rice and quinoa (see the video on how to cook it, it’s kinda important) ???? 3 nori sheets ???? 3 standard slices of smoked salmon (you can get sashimi grade raw if you like) ???? Half large ripe avocado ⠀ Swipe left to see the whole method ???? ⠀ На русском в карусели ❤️
07/14/2021 12:55
The main secret to changing bad habits ???????? ⠀ I’m reading this book ‘Atomic Habits’ now and wanted to share a few insights with you: ⠀ ????Small habits make a huge difference Too often we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. ❗️But in reality you just need to be improving by 1% each day ???? ⠀ If you can get better by 1% each day for a year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done. And if you get 1% worse you’ll decline nearly down to zero ???? ⠀ If you eat an unhealthy meal today, the scale doesn’t move much. But when we repeat those 1% errors day after day that eventually leads to a problem! ⠀ ???? The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when habit becomes part of your identity. It’s one thing to say I’m the type of person who WANTS this. It’s something very different to say I’m the type of person who IS this ????????‍♀️ ⠀ ???? True behaviour change is identity change! You might start a habit because of motivation, but the only reason you’ll stick with one is that it becomes part of your identity ???????? ⠀ ????Anyone can convince themselves to visit gym or eat healthy once or twice, but if you don’t shift the belief behind the behaviour, then it’s hard to stick with long-term changes Improvements are temporary until they become part of who you are! ⠀ ???? Change the story you’ve been telling yourself for years: ‘I’m not a morning person’ ‘I’m not tech savvy’ ‘I’m always late’ ⠀ ???? Changing it is a two step process: 1️⃣ Decide the type of person you want to be 2️⃣ Prove it to yourself with small wins ⠀ @happywayau ???? (code happydasha)
06/30/2021 03:38
Life without a mission is just existence ???? ⠀ Generally when we’re not feeling fulfilled in life it’s the absence of a purpose that makes it meaningless and excruciating even ???? ⠀ Imagine not wanting to go to sleep at night because you’ve got nothing to jump out of bed to next morning? Just a blank mind we start to artificially fill with drama, gossip, addictions, codependency. And nothing leading you to an imaginary dream or destination ???? ⠀ We all try to find motivation to get fit, lose weight, acquire healthier habits and just overall start killing it in life but it all starts with finding a clear vision of what impact do we want to leave on the world ???? ⠀ Mine is helping women to become the most confident, healthy, fit and free version of themselves. It is such a motivation booster and the source of excitement for me! ⠀ What is your purpose? Think of a long lost dream or something you truly enjoy doing so much that you even lose track of time. What is that? ⠀ Outfit @womensbestwear ???? ⠀ На русском в карусели ????
06/30/2021 06:07
Make your sad inner thighs happy with this banded killer circuit ???? ⠀ ♣️ Grab a medium resistance band ♣️ Stop for a second before tackling this and imagine your inner thighs contracting like crazy (that’s my definition of mind-muscle connection) ♣️ Feel the burn, think ‘wtf I haven’t even started yet’ ♣️ Complete all 6 exercises with minimal rest (10 second is ideal) ♣️ Smash 3 more rounds ♣️ Hate and thank me later ???? ⠀ outfit and a band @womensbestwear (there is still a huge sale happening so perfect time to stock up ????) ⠀ Love, Dasha ???? . ⠀ На русском в карусели ❤️ #womensbestwear
06/28/2021 02:59
Всё-таки наша Фрося - девочка сильная! Сдаваться она совсем не собиралась ???? ⠀ Конечно, из-за постоянных срывов и эмоциональных качелей ей было не легко. ⠀ Но она взяла себя в руки, решила дать себе еще один шанс и очень кстати ей на глаза попалась новая заманчивая программа Телокосмос 2.0 ???????? ⠀ “Попробую”, - подумала Фрося. “Я ничего не теряю” ????????‍♀️ ⠀ Фросю поразил большой упор на мотивацию. Во всех предыдущих программах давали много советов по тренировкам, питанию. Но важность отказа от сахара и мотивацию больше к нему не вернуться ей никто никогда ранее не объяснял и не предлагал ???? ⠀ Итак, Фрося открыла программу и поняла, что это именно то, что ей надо: ⠀ ???????? Мотивация: Важность постановки ТВОЕЙ личной цели. Как только ты поставишь цель - ничто не помешает тебе до нее дойти. Потому, что ты делаешь это для себя и только для себя. Ни для своего мужчины, ни подругам на зависть, ни для сторис в ИГ.. Для себя, потому что никто не позаботится о тебе, только ты сама ???????? ⠀ ????Питание: Когда я отказалась от сахара полностью, мир разделился на до и после. Я всегда была сладкоежкой ???? И это такое классное ощущение - быть независимой от еды и не бегать по замкнутому кругу - обещала себе съесть одну конфетку, замолотила весь мешок, рву волосы на голове и злюсь на себя! Я в принципе не думаю о еде, это освобождает столько времени и сил на всё остальное, что так хочется сделать и попробовать в жизни ❤️ ⠀ ????Фитнес: Многие воспринимают спорт как обязаловку, но если ты понимаешь, почему нам нужен спорт и как меняется качество жизни, когда он в ней присутствует регулярно, то он становится нормой жизни - это проявление любви к себе ❤️ ⠀ Продолжение в карусели ????????
06/26/2021 01:58
Happy Tuesday my loves ❤️ @womensbestwear summer sale starts now with everything up to 50% off ???? ⠀ Any questions re fit, size, squatproofety (totally invented a noun now ????), don’t hesitate to ask ☺️ ⠀ #womensbestwear
06/22/2021 03:30
I mean I didn’t forget about ma girl Frosya and today have prepared the top-3 things to beat her sugar withdrawals when she finally decides to quit ???? ⠀ The reason why a lot of people can’t last more than 5-6 days without sweets and give in to their ‘cravings’ *Which actually aren’t cravings but true-blue withdrawals because it is an addiction and the quitting process flows accordingly ????‍???? ⠀ Ideally you want to eliminate ALL the sweet taste for at least 21 days to form the new habit but in the first 7-10 days when the withdrawals are at an all time high, I recommend any of these 3 tips: ⠀ 1️⃣ Unsweetened coconut yogurt (if you watched my stores on Saturday you saw how the sugar amount in 3 different types of coco yogurt from the same brand varied) so pls read the labels. 1gr of sugar per 100grams is okay) Mixed with 1/2 scoop choc hazelnut (think nutella) @happywayau whey ???? Optionally placed in a freezer for an ice-cream vibe ???? Topped with fresh or frozen raspberries (I also added cacao nibs) ⠀ 2️⃣ Handful of nuts (but don’t go overboard. I totally did when I was quitting though ????) ⠀ 3️⃣ Super ripe 1/2 avo blended with 1/2 scoop choc caramel @happywayau whey = chocolatey caramel mousse situation ???????? ⠀ Are we liking these kind of posts or what? ???? ⠀ Happy Monday Frosya and the fam ???? . ⠀ На русском в карусели ❤️
06/21/2021 02:13
So our Frosya starts suspecting something is totally freaking wrong and she’s gotta do something about it.. ⠀ She doesn’t have a plan but she’s willing to test any waters she spots around.. ⠀ She’s gained some covid weight (and been wondering who and how are those lucky witches who actually managed to lose it did it) ⠀ She’s been really determined to fit into some of her fav dresses but seemed like they got even more tight over time.. ⠀ She’s tried every single thing under the sun, like low-carb, low-fat, high-fat, juice cleanses, intermittent fasting It would work short term, but them she’d be back to square one.. ⠀ Then it hit her that the main reason of all the head*uck was her obsession with sugar and she decided to quit ❌ ⠀ She threw all the cookies, choccies and oh my… that was the most painful - tim tams out and started the new sugar free life ???????? ⠀ On Monday ⠀ She’s never been eating more dates, honey, fruit and smoothie bowls ever before but … bloody hell… She was feeling and looking exactly the same. ‘WTF’, - thought Frosya… ‘I’m eating all the healthy sweets and feeling like crap still, not to mention I haven’t slimmed down an inch?????‍????????’ ⠀ What do you think Frosya was doing wrong?!
06/18/2021 02:47
Once upon a time, there was a girl (let’s name her Frosya) who was so sweet that she got really addicted to tim tams chocolate ???? ⠀ She knew that everything is good in moderation and after years of eating trendy ‘healthy sweets’ she decided to live large and eat her favourite choccies ???? ⠀ Just a few pieces. ⠀ A few pieces would then usually turn into half a packet. Then half a packet into the full family size thing. ⠀ Then she’d sometimes even run to the shops and buy more cause after the first piece everything was a blur and she wanted more ????‍???? ⠀ And then next day she’d blame herself for being weak-willed but every time the craving had hit she’d be opening another pack of chocolates, sometimes even skipping a meal to save all the calories for her favourite comforting chocolate coated biscuits. ⠀ She wasn’t happy with the way she felt, it was hard for her to concentrate, her skin was dull, the mood was always rainy, she couldn’t fall asleep at night and was waking up already tired in the morning and stayed like that all day.. ⠀ She didn’t know what was going on but she knew that’s not how she wanted to live her life. She’s looking at all the hot girls on instagram and wants to look like them, then goes out and tries yet another fad diet to only fail miserably and smash yet another pack of timtams blaming her lack of willpower.. ⠀ What would you do if you were Frosya ? How does she break the cycle? ⠀ outfit @womensbestwear ???? ⠀ На русском в карусели ❤️
06/16/2021 04:54
06/15/2021 11:03

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