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Excited to share another campaign image from my latest shoot with @vitabiotics Wellman vitamins! Wellman has been a part of my life since my 20s and it’s great to be the face of their campaign once again. Congratulations to Vitabiotics for their 50 years in empowering healthy living through nutritional healthcare! #wellman #iamwellman #ad #vitabiotics Thank you as always to the team @tomobrejc, @larrykinghair and @r_pierce_
10/20/2021 07:59
Thank you to @steven for having me as a guest on his wonderful 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast. Talking about my life, career and launching @davidgandywellwear . Available now with the following link: or or click the link in my stories.
10/18/2021 05:53
Squirrel chaser extraordinaire taking a breather in Richmond park last night. Many people ask how i relax or wind down. Well this is it. A dog walk with Dora in the mornings and evenings. Exercise, nature, time to think. 3 really simple elements to help my Wellbeing. @davidgandywellwear
10/18/2021 03:06
Here's a preview of our very first @davidgandywellwear lookbook, before we share the full collection and looks. Honored to have cast and work with such talented, brilliant people. All the models from @selectmodellondon brought our brand vision, philosophy and brand purpose to life. I cant thank @bigjldn, @odilejordan , @marvinaddae, @michaelreed99 and @jacckbuchanan enough. Thank you also of course to @arnaldoanaya and @larrykinghair & @gracegilfeather Please subscribe to be first to know launch dates and be the first to experience @davidgandywellwear #dgw #designedforwellbeing #davidgandywellwear
10/14/2021 08:40
Our first ever @davidgandywellwear campaign film will be released very soon. Heres a little teaser of whats to come. #dgw #davidgandywellwear
10/09/2021 06:06
Well quite a few of you guessed it! The guilty party in charge of the water was my great friend @larrykinghair and you wouldnt believe how much he enjoyed doing this! All worth it for @davidgandywellwear. Hope it made you all laugh, as one of our main aims is to bring positivity and make you smile. #davidgandywellwear
10/06/2021 09:12
The things i have to do to get 'The Shot'. Turned out to be one of my favourite images from the @davidgandywellwear campaign. Will be posting the video tomoz to show who was in charge of the water throwing..... Unless you can guess. Thank you as always to @arnaldoanaya for taking the photographs and laughing hysterically at me!! #davidgandywellwear
10/05/2021 08:12
New campaign film from @marianovivanco for @dolcegabbana_man
10/02/2021 04:02
So proud to still be working with the incredible @dolcegabbana_man and @marianovivanco after 20 years. If it wasnt for @dolcegabbana i wouldnt be in the position i was today. Great to also work with the new guys on the block @jacckbuchanan , @michaelyerger and the rest of the hugely talented guys in this creative, that is reminiscent of the first group shot campaigns i first appeared in 15 years ago. Styled by @wayperry_edit
09/29/2021 06:15
One thing i wanted to achieve with @davidgandywellwear , among many other things, is wanting to the bring the best talent, creative, professionals and friends together to work on the project. When it came to photography, i wanted one of the best i have ever worked with, my long time collaborator and dearest pal @arnaldoanaya. Thank you for doing such a sensational job. Looking forward to sharing more with you all soon. #davidgandywellwear #dgw. Sign up for updates, link in bio
09/27/2021 08:01

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