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07/09/2020 04:52
Thank you @laurabrown99 for your trust. It is always an honor to work with @instylemagazine ! This cover shoot was certainly different, but I am so proud of what we created during this moment in time. I photographed myself at home. Pulled out some of my favorite t-shirts. Turned on my go-to playlist. Did my own hair and makeup... all while dancing in the mirror with my daughters, which is always the most fun way to get ready!! What a moment I will never forget. Link in bio ❤️
07/08/2020 06:07
07/04/2020 09:20
with Dr. Aliza Pressman of @raisinggoodhumanspodcast I listened to Nia speak during the Sesame Street town hall on racism and was so impressed with how eloquently and hopeful she spoke. We are thrilled that she joined us today to share her wisdom! Hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. #vicariousracism #antiracism #parenting #niasfirstinsta
06/23/2020 02:56
My mom chose a wild card for my dad. He was a mad poet hedonist man child! But I understood that as a kid. Somehow I have zero baggage or dad issues. I think I would have liked to have a dad who didn’t look so out there. Or who stayed. Or was capable of anything really. But his wildness runs through me. His gifts are here. His demons to overcome are mine to break! I love him not for who I wanted him to be, but for who he was. And as I look at all the photos of dads today, doing their dad job, sure, there is my tiny self that wished for him to fit in. But he never did. And I’m not sure I did either. And I’m not sure what anything is supposed to look like, or what it really is beyond the images?! But I do know this... both my parents have played a major role in who i am as a parent. And none of it looks perfect. But it functions with so much love. And togetherness. And availability. I don’t have a picture of a dad today to show how great everything was. I have a picture to show what it was. And that is my story. And that is perfect in itself. My dad gave me the gift of life! A wicked sense of humor! And that wildness that I truly do cherish.
06/21/2020 04:52
@authorderrickdbarnes and @gordoncjamesfineart I have been looking forward to speaking with these two talented gentlemen for weeks and I love the books they write and illustrate together. Dr. Aliza Pressman @raisinggoodhumanspodcast and I are mothers raising daughters and it was so nice to speak about parenting and the importance of children's books with fathers who are raising strong young men! I hope you enjoy our conversation.
06/16/2020 04:27
Sunday fun with kids! #thingstodoathome #forts
06/14/2020 07:04
Once again, @etsy is doing a wonderful job of supporting important small business and I wanted to share this important list of Black-owned Etsy shops - link in my bio!
06/11/2020 10:20
We are honored to speak with this incredible educator! Dr. Aliza @raisinggoodhumanspodcast and I are lucky enough to be illuminated by her and we were so excited to share wisdom, insight and teachings from Britt. There are also resources she recommends, and it is a privilege to hear her guidance for parents. Please enjoy. Thank you.
06/09/2020 04:56
I am a long-time admirer of @thestrategist and thought this list was worth sharing as it has so many helpful suggestions. I love that each business has a bio in this multifaceted list that spotlights businesses across so many categories! I hope you find it as helpful as I did - adding the link to my bio.
06/08/2020 09:39
06/06/2020 05:54
06/05/2020 12:43