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Every week, @thedrewbarrymoreshow I round up my favorite things to wear, watch, read, eat or experience in my Little Yellow Book ???? I truly put so much thought into curating this list every week and I hope there is something here for everyone! Here are my picks for the week!!! Scroll through to see what I’ve included recently or go to the link in my bio to read about ALL of them! Hope you enjoy! #DrewsLittleYellowBook #DrewBarrymoreShow #LittleYellowBook
03/28/2021 03:37
@marthastewart48 was kind enough to join us on @thedrewbarrymoreshow #ad to talk about her @marthastewartCBD products and I have loved these ever since, both the human gummies for myself and then her new pet line for my dogs, Douglas and Lucy! With her Pet CBD products, I do the Mobility chews for Lucy because she’s getting older, and then the Calm chews for Douglas to help his nervousness. And PS: #marthastewartcbd pet products all use the highest quality CBD at just the right amount, all developed by Martha herself. Head to my Stories for 22% off your order for yourself and/or your pups with code DREW22 (because they know my lucky number!!) through 4/9/21 #ImSoMartha
03/26/2021 09:19
I’m so happy @KhloeKardashian joined us @thedrewbarrymoreshow today!! I always wanted a sibling growing up and now, I’m so thankful that my daughters have each other. It has been so much fun to follow the Kardashian family’s journey over the years @kuwtk and witness such a strong bond between sisters and family!!! #kuwtk #drewbarrymoreshow
03/26/2021 03:47
@khloekardashian thank you so much for coming on our show today!! I cannot believe that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is in its 20th SEASON!! WOW. @kuwtk @thedrewbarrymoreshow #kuwtk #drewbarrymoreshow
03/26/2021 02:15
@heidilgardner joined us at the #DrewsNews desk today @thedrewbarrymoreshow I love her!! @nbcsnl ❤️
03/26/2021 12:31
#insteadpartner #ad I’m excited to introduce you all to @choose.instead , a new and natural lawn care brand I’m working with!! It’s an innovative grass seed and lawn fertilizer product with natural ingredients I can really stand behind. I truly care about the planet and I can feel good about using these ingredients on my lawn and around my family this season. The best part is that @choose.instead is sustainable! All the cardboard packaging can go in the recycle bin, and the Happy Lawn bag is made with 25% renewable plastic made with sugarcane. #HappySpring !!
03/24/2021 11:51
we had the best time sharing our parenting stories... and some good laughs!! Can anyone relate?? Watch full clips from the show on our you tube page! #DrewBarrymoreShow
03/23/2021 03:07
#insteadpartner #ad Happy First Day of Spring!!!! I just received my @choose.instead box, and I cannot wait to start working on my yard with this new and natural lawn care product. I am truly doing everything I can to do my part and take care of this planet. instead has natural ingredients that I can feel good about using on my lawn and around my family like bone meal and molasses. Check out @choose.instead (link in my bio!) and celebrate the first day of spring with me!! What are you looking forward to this spring? #HappySpring !!!!
03/20/2021 06:40
Our amazing team @thedrewbarrymoreshow compiled this list of resources as we welcome you to join us in supporting our friends in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Swipe to see them all. I’m also adding a link in my bio for more info ????
03/20/2021 03:28
to discuss the recent tragic hate crimes in our country, targeting the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Ashley posted a video sharing her feelings about this topic that brought me to tears. I always want our show to be a safe space to talk about tough and important issues and I thank Ashley for speaking up so all of us can understand better how to help Asian American and Pacific Islander friends, colleagues and members of our communities to feel safe and loved.
03/19/2021 10:37
I am so proud to be in business with an incredible partner, @shaehong who has worked tirelessly with me to bring @cookwithbeautiful to life. He is such an inspiration to me and I am grateful everyday for his trust while working as a team over the past 2 years to develop our dream line of kitchen appliances and accessories that truly are Beautiful. Shae and I would have regular meetings where we talked about our families, our business history and the kind of people that we have grown to become. I have the deepest respect for how personal this endeavor is for both of us. We care about goodness and bringing that goodness into peoples homes. We crafted our intentions as partners and I am humble to call him my partner. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excited to bring you more from Beautiful very soon!!! Here’s to a Beautiful partnership and friendship! Thank you Shae!!! @cookwithbeautiful
03/18/2021 07:25
launches today @walmart .com!! On @thedrewbarrymoreshow today, Chef Dan Souza @testcook also shows us how to make an amazing lentil and mushroom burger using an air fryer! Do you have any favorite air fryer recipes?? Let’s cook together and #makesomethingbeautiful
03/17/2021 10:53

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