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06/30/2020 07:54
???? @makeupbecca
06/25/2020 09:19
loved having a staycation w @getawayhouse ???? roasting marshmallows in the fire, walking the trails, and waking up to beautiful cabin views + no contact check in! use code EFFY for $25 off your booking x
06/17/2020 07:46
donating 100% of profits from my shop @wigdot to the kendrick johnson foundation, swipe for additional ways to donate ✨ (wearing elizabeth)
06/09/2020 08:36
there hasn’t been accountability for the police brutality that has been ongoing since the beginning. there have been over 3,000 peaceful protests in the past 6 years, and things have only continued and worsened (imagine what hasn’t been caught on camera.) people don’t riot for no reason, and we cannot tell people of color how to respond when their family members/friends/themselves are constantly being wrongfully targeted and attacked. there is footage in my highlights showing how police have treated protesters, it’s not videos they would show on the news considering they have their own agenda. becoming a cop in the united states only takes less than 6 months to learn “everything,” while in other european countries it takes 2-5 YEARS. assumptions and alleged petty crimes do not equate to the death penalty, and those coworkers standing by watching are just as guilty. #blacklivesmatter art by @shirien.creates
06/01/2020 11:25
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05/25/2020 08:10
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05/14/2020 08:20
wearing kimberly from @wigdot ????
04/23/2020 08:02
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04/20/2020 07:13
miss the beach ???? @veronicasams @bondeyeswim
04/14/2020 09:40
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04/08/2020 09:13
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04/03/2020 09:04