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1️⃣ Link in bio! Use this tool to contact your Council Member & tell them to vote NO on the current NYC budget proposal! Their deadline is *tomorrow*’s urgent! This link has more info about the proposal, what to say, and how to contact Mayor de Blasio & Speaker Corey Johnson too. 2️⃣ Join this Zoom to call more Council Members tomorrow in the company of others! See you there ???? #DefundNYPD #InvestInCommunities
06/30/2020 03:49
It’s always been my dream to play “glitchy” and it came true in this episode of @thetwilightzone ???????????????????????? written by @atrubens directed by @notoriouschoe starring @jennaelfman and @chris_meloni! Now on @cbsallaccess ???? #thetwilightzone
06/26/2020 11:26
I’m in the new season of @thetwilightzone ???????????? all 10 episodes are now streaming on @cbsallaccess and the one I’m in is called A HUMAN FACE ???? please enjoy...if you DARE!!! ???? #thetwilightzone
06/26/2020 01:53
New Yorkers: calls to make TODAY! The City Council’s deadline for the budget for Fiscal Year 2021 is Tuesday but they could finalize it before then! ???? I am taking my cues from @vocalnewyork @bkmovement and the many orgs under @changethenypd ???? 1. Use this script to: 2. Call your Council Member at this website (link in bio) 3. Call these Council Members, who haven’t yet committed to @changethenypd’s demands but are considered persuadable (I got this from @jfrejnyc who have been tracking Council Members’ positions) 4. Call @nycmayor. *Scratch my note about the tally. As of 6/26 this # goes to 311. You can leave a comment (be prepared to make it under 50 words) or email it by going to 5. Join the protests at City Hall and/or follow @occupycityhall @vocalnewyork for updates on ways to support them. Such as... 6. Donating meals to protestors via @nourishnyc! ???? Today! Share far and wide! Keep the pressure on @nyccouncil @coreyjohnsonnyc @nycmayor! ???? #DefundNYPD #NYCbudgetjustice #OccupyCityHall #OccupytoDefundNYPD #investincommunities
06/25/2020 07:39
Breonna Taylor's killers have still not been arrested. Their names are Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove. It's been 106 days. The office of @mayorgregfischer has disconnected his phone line, so call 844-298-2731 to be directed to Louisville City Council members and echo Taylor's family's demands as shared by @weareultraviolet (slide 2). Press * when you're done with each one.
06/24/2020 08:46
Dads ????
06/21/2020 11:16
This Tuesday at City Hall. One week before the NYC budget is due. Now is the time to keep the pressure on @nycmayor @coreyjohnsonnyc and @nyccouncil to #DefundNYPD by at least $1 billion and #InvestInCommunities! THIS IS IT! Link in bio to register. Organized by @vocalnewyork! ???? If you can't show up IRL: join their online action (same link) and swipe for 4 phone banking parties you can join on Zoom throughout the week. You'll hear directly from organizers, receive scripts, and make key calls to Council members! ???? Then...go to @shabdshabd to download, print & distribute this flier! ???? #occupytodefundnypd #defundthepolice #nycbudgetjustice #blacklivesmatter
06/20/2020 07:38
New Yorkers! I did this last week and it was great: we heard directly from the activists Jason Wu and Carlyn Cowen about the aims of #budgetjustice and the work of @changethenypd. Then we got clear scripts and directions about which calls/emails to make and the most effective messaging. Then we made calls, which felt 100x more energizing in the company of over 200 other people on Zoom. @nyccouncil has to finalize the NYC budget by July 1, so now is the time to keep the pressure on. Swipe to see @changethenypd's breakdown of @nycmayor’s budget priorities, and know that the new one he's proposed would only cut the NYPD budget (of $6 billion!) by 0.32%, while slashing departments like health, housing, homeless services, workforce development, and other essential programs. In the last few weeks, De Blasio and a handful of council members have agreed that they think the NYPD budget should receive cuts, but haven't specified an amount. @changethenypd are calling for at least $1 billion to be reallocated to the departments that, especially during COVID-19, are in desperate need. Join me if you can in building on the years of hard work by these activists to demand #budgetjustice, meaningful change, and a safer, more equitable New York.
06/15/2020 10:44
I interviewed @walterkscott for @garage_magazine about his new book WENDY, MASTER OF ART, out this week ???????? I couldn’t love the Wendy series more and needed to know how Walter made an art world satire that actually makes me MORE excited to create, not less! Our convo was full of insights (his) about storytelling and identity that I think Rookies will especially respond to ???? link in bio to read ????
06/15/2020 10:03
Please go to @theokraproject and watch this video of their founder @thefreeactorvist addressing 15,000 people yesterday at the #BrooklynLiberation Action for Black Trans Lives. Thank you to the organizers and speakers who made it possible for so many to gather and listen to Ceyenne @doroshow of @glits_inc, @raquel_willis and the family of Layleen Polanco. I listened and marched in awe. Go to for a comprehensive document of actions, reading, and organizations to follow and support not just right now but always. Make your donations recurring, invest in Black trans lives. #BlackTransLivesMatter. #BlackTransJoyMatters. #BlackTransPowerMatters.
06/15/2020 08:28
This is the conversation. Also, Danai for President ???? @danaigurira @scottmgimple
06/13/2020 10:28
This Sunday, for Black trans lives. For Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Monika Diamond, Layleen Polanco, Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells, Riah Milton, and so many more. Read all guidelines at Organized by @theokraproject @mpjinstitute @glits_inc @forthegworls @btfacollective — if you can't make it but can donate. Art by @brohammed. #BrooklynLiberation #BlackTransLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
06/12/2020 05:14