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Taking a break. Love to all ❤️
10/24/2020 02:19
09/28/2020 12:43
Happy Birthday Fola The Magnificent. I thank me lucky stars we met and I found a friend so marvellous and precious as you. To the endless continuation of epic chats and boogies. ???????? #shesyourlobster
09/26/2020 11:25
Ode to sky
09/16/2020 04:47
The healing balm
08/28/2020 10:07
08/28/2020 10:07
Mastery ✨
08/23/2020 05:25
Happy birthday to the coolest @alixwestlefler YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. She glows with the heat of a thousands suns, ah my eyes melt from all this talent! Just when you think she’s done, she hugs you with her generous heart and becomes one with Mother Earth around us. It’s the real deal alright. Happy birthday Supergirl! ????
08/15/2020 06:54
My first ever photo from the @siren set. It’s the end of a true blissful journey. All I feel is peace and gratitude for the honour of playing Ryn. It has been the happiest adventure because of the people, my now dear dear friends I love you all. Thank you to Eric and emily and all those that created this world and took a chance on me. I have swum deep and felt so free. Thank you to all merms and honorary merms of the siren family who dove into the world of magic and mystery with passion and dedication. It was a ride I will cherish forever. And of course the siren fans. Thank you. Thank you, you made it the best of all. If you loved our show, continue to swim, honour the ocean and open your mind to others that are different to you, that live and think and look not like yourself. That’s what Ryn taught me most of all. There lies wonder if you are willing to look beyond. To say it simply; you are love, okay yes. Xxx
08/06/2020 09:58
I’ve been away from Instagram but SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY @renaowen!! You are such a light to us all, and often a rock in the storm. I am so grateful you play Helen and we met because you bring such vibrancy to every moment. Thank you for inspiring us, I learn so much from you and you have hands down the best laugh in the world. ( You are simply a force of nature, to me the spirit of an incredible mermaid. Reina Rena = Queen ❤️ Also belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY @katiekeough_ who plays hunter on siren ???? Thank you beauty for the hours of fun practicing our choreography rain or shine! I send you all the love sweet darling❤️#swiperight
07/22/2020 01:17

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