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It's so important to find time to be mindful these days as the hectic influences of the world continue to swell and overwhelm us. For me it's getting outdoors, sitting in nature and breathing in and out. Bringing myself back to the present and reminding myself of the things I am grateful for. How do you practice mindfulnless?
10/16/2020 08:04
Let's talk Koh Tao International Primary. @clairewyndham and I co-founded KTP as a way to bring equal education to a small island in a third world country. Six years have gone by and I'm proud to say we have not slowed down on our mission, our little school is a creative learning hub and safe haven for the kids of Koh Tao. We still have a long way to go, each day brings new challenges. But through the efforts of @littlehlearning and our supporters we edge closer to a bright future for our students. For all things KTP and to find out how you can get involved with LHL go to link in bio ❤️
10/14/2020 08:54
We tried to make it rain rose petals... It did not work. But I love how these turned out anyway!! ????
10/12/2020 08:03
Today is World Mental Health Day. One thing that always comes to mind when talking about mental health conditions is the stigma and misinformation surrounding them. Depression is not selfish, anxiety is not rude, schizophrenia is not wrong. Just because you cannot see the condition doesn’t mean it’s not as real as a broken bone or a gaping wound. I have HOPE we can break the stigma. And that starts with listening. Take a moment today to reach out to your loved ones touched by mental health conditions. Lend an ear. Hear them speak and learn about their journey. Reassure them that though the road is long and hard, you will always be there. And that they are not their condition ???? To get a HOPE tshirt go to @_oneinfive_ an australian organization funding much needed medical research into mental health.
10/10/2020 07:01
Not dropping an album but I did do a little photoshoot with @wildpip_morley. Turns out he’s an excellent photographer! More pics to come!
10/09/2020 07:59
He never fails to make me laugh, what was even going on in this picture @wildpip_morley?!
10/07/2020 08:00
BOO!!! It's October everybaaaady! ????????????????
10/05/2020 08:01
That’s a wrap! A big thank you to the cast, crew, producers, and writers for 7 long and fruitful years of #The100. Bringing Clarke to life was such an honor and you guys made it easy and so so enjoyable. Also a big thank you to Jason, @thecw and @warnerbrostv for taking a chance on this little aussie! To the fans, we love you! Thank you for watching on with an open heart even when the going got rough. And last but not least, thank you to my husband, @wildpip_morley who told me 7 years ago that we had to look out for one another. Little did I know then that meant not just on set but for the rest of our lives. You are my person and I thank my lucky stars this show brought us together. ????♥️✨
10/01/2020 07:00
The wig saga continues...
09/28/2020 08:01
Thought it only fitting to rep this shirt today. I feel honored to have been able to give representation to the bisexual community through Clarke. Today we celebrate YOU. You don't choose to be bisexual, you choose to be authentic, you choose to be open, you choose LOVE. And love always wins.???????????? #bivisibilityday
09/23/2020 08:00
Today is world gratitude day and I wanted to share some pictures of my little family that I am so grateful to have ❤️
09/21/2020 08:01
Me when I see the pizza delivery person pulling into the driveway
09/18/2020 08:02