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Couples that wax together stick together ???? @mattchristlow
01/12/2021 01:47
#ad @flattummyapmaking sure a girl can get a sweat on in 30 minutes or less! I’ve been using this app fora while now and loving how easy it is to use! These workouts are quick but def feel it the next day! Anyone looking for a fitness program they can actually stick to this year - this app is it! Get on it now while its still 50% off;
01/11/2021 11:47
According to the nip... it’s cold outside ????
01/11/2021 08:40
Just a big thank you to everyone for all your kind words... I think with lockdown I take things to heart much more. I am working on my body as I recently have felt so down about it... nasty comments just give me that extra nudge to come back stronger! Stay safe everyone and again thank you. ❤️
01/10/2021 07:29
You are the only one I’ll ever love, if it’s not you it’s not anyone ????
01/09/2021 05:38
What a night ????❤️ @mattchristlow
01/09/2021 01:48
We tried to dance in lock down... Thank god the bedrooms got more rhythm @mattchristlow
01/09/2021 01:19
Can we fast forward to when this is all over? ????
01/05/2021 08:05
Getting I.D’d during a pandemic...
01/05/2021 06:24
#ad The holidays had me step back on my goals, thankfully I’ve started with @flattummyapp so 2021 doesn’t turn out the same way! With this app, I can workout anywhere, anytime no equipment or gym needed. No more excuses! Right now it’s 50% off their 12 month plan, don’t miss out on those new year goals -
01/05/2021 12:04
When somebody asks... so how’s 2021 going... ????????
01/04/2021 10:21
2021 is the year I stop comparing and concentrate on my own journey... I have fully enjoyed my December, eating and drinking but now I sit hating my body and feeling embarrassed... tomorrow is the real new start for me. Time to improve physically and mentally, we got this ❤️
01/03/2021 11:49

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