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I love my #nhs and here is a book where I will tell you the many ways in which I love The NHS... (spoiler- they literally saved my life) @amateuradam knows how beloved our magical institution of free healthcare is and had the GENIUS idea of making a book of people showing love and saying thank you. It has brought tears to my eyes and a beaming smile on my face! Feeling incredible proud to be a part of this beautiful beautiful thing. @amateuradam you legend where you leads I shall follow... especially if it ends in @nhscharitiestogether making the nhs feel celebrated, praised and ALIVE!! #dearnhs #weloveyou #❤️ #tedreallygotintoit #thentedtriedtoeatit #highpoochpraise
07/16/2020 08:29
I was lucky enough to have the best dad in the entire world, (sorry other dads but it’s true) and he was a Sound Desginer for the theatre, that gave me back stage access to a magical world of make believe that made me who I am today. I was also lucky enough to train for three years at drama school that gave me my ride or die friends for life. Then I was lucky enough to be a part of the best cast in the entire world (sorry other casts but it’s true) and perform the best play in the entire world (sorry other plays but it’s true) The Seagull by Anton Chekov. I was lucky enough to work with the best director in the world (sorry other directors but it’s true) @jamielloyd I was also lucky enough to be born optimistic, glass half full kinda gal. And I knew the night we waved each other goodbye (gin in hand) we would be seeing each other soon, the show would go on. The true spellbinding magic that is telling stories on stage has been my life’s blood passed down through my darling dad and I cannot fathom a world where this art form does not exist. #savethearts has never been more important, we need it, we need it, we need it, without stories to tell I don’t know how we can find our own places of safety and escapism, empathy and love. I know if my favourite human in the world, my dad, were alive today he would be telling me the exact same thing. For him, for all the creatives and crews it takes to tell an audience a story in whatever form they choose, let’s #savethearts #❤️
07/06/2020 10:40
It is with great honour I present to you my beautiful talented work wife and love @nathalieemmanuel reading the incredible words of Maya Angelou. This reading brought tears to my eyes. Nat would like to dedicate this reading to the global black community, to each and everyone who has been affected by anti-black racism, and the families of those who have lost their kin to the systemic hate that still governs and populates our communities. I am so proud to be able to share this with you all. Hear these words and applaud her now. The prescription as it reads in the book is this: For the condition of Oppression: To maintain one’s strength in the face of the erosive power of oppression can take unbelievable resilience. Maya Angelou’s wonderful poem ‘Still I Rise’ summons exactly that fortitude. As a black woman born in the United States of America in the 1920’s, Angelou knew more than her fair share of racism and it’s power to stifle hope. Yet her generation is the one that finally overcame the segregationist Jim Crow laws and brought civil rights to people of colour in the USA. The battle is far from over- people in every country on earth are battered by racism on a daily basis- but Angelou’s poem remains as a rallying call to maintain hope and stand tall. It is in the human spirit to overcome. You may be trampled into the dirt, but still, like dust, you’ll rise. Wherever you are, and whatever difficulties you face, remember that your internal world is always solely your own. Perhaps you have been robbed of your metaphorical, or even your literal, treasures; perhaps your ancestors were robbed of their very freedom. Still, as Angelou reminds us, dignity and determination in the face of oppression can become weapons; and pride and strength are a rebellion in themselves. Your gold mines survive in your laugh, and your diamonds in your dance. Nobody can take those from you. Thank you thank you @nathalieemmanuel for your magic! ????❤️???????????? @thepoetrypharmacy @thepoetryremedy
07/06/2020 04:59
#ad Had the most glorious time doing my @clinique tutorial.... here’s a little snipbit of what you missed... thank you to everyone who watched and well done if I managed to impart any rookie knowledge of how to get your skin prepped and ready for the re-entry into a post lock down world.. ????????????#cliniquepartner @cliniqueuk @clinique
06/29/2020 07:41
#ad @clinique asked me to grab a few of my favorite products to let you know that I will be going LIVE BABY! On not once but TWICE today!!! at 1pm EST in the US and 8pm BST time in the UK ???????????? I will be going through my “slow progression back into the big wide world and out of my lockdown pyjamas/existential crisis” makeup look. Yup... EPIC. “grab a FEW of your top products” clearly my tiny hands can’t even hold my top three faves... (yes- I should be better at this by now) However I am VERY excited to see you all later on today and share the “this is gonna feel strange” vibes whilst trying not to show you how many times I get mascara in my eye. @clinique @cliniqueuk #cliniquepartner #nightinbeforethenightsout #????
06/24/2020 03:59
This is important for all of us in the industry to encourage and participate in discovering and supporting black creators. This is bigger than today, than this week, than this moment, this is for our collective future. Black lives matter. Black voices need to be heard. We need to see a change and see it last. #blacklivesmatter #repost @freethework There are many filmmaking collectives , festivals , and networks that have been dedicated to discovering and supporting Black creators across the industry . They have not just popped up overnight : they have deserved attention for a long time . We compiled a list of some of the US - based organizations you can ' discover ' and support with donations right now . Note : This list will be constantly updated on . If you have any global recommendations for us to consider and include , please contact . Swipe up in our story , click on the BLM highlight on our page , or visit to find direct links to support these groups.
06/05/2020 10:45
06/02/2020 09:43
BLACK LIVES MATTER. #justiceforgeorgefloyd matters. #justiceforahmaudarbery matters #justiceforbreonnataylor matters. Donate to: We are not immune to this here in the UK. It is everywhere. Honestly I have struggled to find the right and truthful words to write here, I’m trying to educate myself so I can not be part of the problem. Please do the same. An organisation to aid your understanding in the uk is, and you can support affected families via #blacklivesmatter Beautiful artwork by @shirien.creates
05/31/2020 12:16
We Will Be Back.......!!! ???????????????????????????????????????? #theatreswillriseagain #???? #???? #???????? @jamielloydco @jamielloyd
05/28/2020 05:14
The magical beautiful Thandie Newton graces us with Love after Love by Derek Walcott. Her charity of choice is @vdayorg an brilliant organisation I urge you to check them out! Thandie we love you and your incredible talent! Here is the prescription as it reads in @thepoetrypharmacy @thepoetryremedy Condition: Intertia When Alone I see a lot of people in my Pharmacy sessions who tell me that they can’t do anything when they’re on their own. IF they had a visitor, they could entertain: cook, buy food, be cheerful and welcoming. Yet somehow the motivation to do this for themselves is very hard to come by. Left alone, they don’t believe that they’re worth the effort. Similarly, I meet person after person who funnels all their energy into helping and caring for others, yet has no regard for their own wellbeing. It’s as if they see themselves as the only people on earth not deserving of love and kindness. There’s a fundamental unfairness in this: a sense that people are wilfully selling themselves short. It seems to me that a crucial objective of existence is to come to terms with oneself. Learning to like ourselves is something we all battle with, young and old. It’s a constant, permanent progression, and it’s never truly complete. But when you can look yourself in the eye and actually cherish yourself- when you can recognise who you are with all your faults, and be happy with that- then you’ll see that you are no less worthy of kindness than your friends and guests. You’ll be able to speak kindly and politely to yourself, no longer tearing yourself down as you might an enemy, but instead bolstering and encouraging yourself as you would anyone else. We devote so much time to self-analysis in our modern lives, to wondering why we aren’t happy or whether other people see our flaws as plainly as we do. Many of us resort to pills and alcohol, and sometimes even less healthy habits, just to keep ourselves in some semblance of balance. Yet all most of us really need is to come to terms with who we are. Unfortunately, there is not an over-the-counter remedy for this. Fortunately, however, it is entirely within our grasp. Thank you thank you @thandienewton ❤️????????
05/24/2020 11:02
The beautiful, breathtaking talent that is Andrew Scott reads for us ‘Everything is Going to be All Right’ by Derek Mahon. Andrew has asked to dedicate this to Men Against Cancer Ireland Andrew we salute you! ???? It comes under the prescription for need for reassurance. Here’s how it reads as written in the book @thepoetrypharmacy @thepoetryremedy There are moments in life when the banal suddenly, and quite without warning, becomes the transcendent. Perhaps a shaft of afternoon light paints a familiar view an unfamiliar gold; perhaps dust in a sunbeam or the dance of sparks above a fire transport you, for a long instant, to somewhere else altogether. The almost magical-seeming reflections of ripples on a ceiling are transfixing in just the same way. In moments like these- awe-struck moments when the ferocious beauty of the everyday catches us unawares- we are often moved to a reassessment. One flash of sunlight can be all it takes to give us the sense of possibility that can change everything. As a great sufferer from depression myself, I find a small moment like this, a sudden splash of serenity and beauty, can provide the impetus needed to run my mood around. Not completely, perhaps, and not permanently- but sometimes a small push is all any of us is waiting for. Derek Mahon’s poem ‘Everything is Going to be All Right’ describes wonderfully the feeling of that little push and reassessment. And there’s something hugely powerful, too, about its final line. When my children are suffering and I hold them in my arms, it seems to be the most natural mantra in the world: Everything will be all right. There’s a comfort to those words, whether or not they’ll prove to be true. OF course, some wounds don’t heal, and some wrongs go un-righted. But in the grander sense, in the everything sense, things to tend to be all right. Too often, our pain is either in our heads or magnified beyond all proportion. If we can learn to manage it, if we can find that oasis of calm in the reflection of the waves, then we might find that out problems are not as all-consuming as we imagined. Thank you thank you Andrew!
05/18/2020 07:10
❤️ #seeaheartsendaheart ❤️ This is to all the incredible magical front line health workers the world over who have been keeping us safe during this pandemic and everyday of our lives... @clinique have been doing some incredible work to say thank you and help support them! They have been donating thousands of products to local hospitals and providing financial support to global organisations. What a beautiful company I am a proud to be in their family ???? Go on, let’s see your heart!! #❤️
05/14/2020 03:52