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Coordinated with my ????
05/06/2021 11:19
A little Versace tribute in honor of queen @donatella_versace’s birthday and because I miss fashion and shows ✨
05/02/2021 05:03
04/27/2021 10:18
Introducing Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution, an NFT available at auction @christiesinc on May 14. The digital terrain should be a place where women can share their likeness as they choose, controlling the usage of their image and receiving whatever potential capital attached. Instead, the internet has more frequently served as a space where others exploit and distribute images of women’s bodies without their consent and for another’s profit. Art has historically functioned similarly: works of unnamed muses sell for millions of dollars and build careers of traditionally male artists, while the subjects of these works receive nothing. I have become all too familiar with this narrative, as chronicled in my 2020 essay for New York Magazine, Buying Myself Back. NFTs carry the potential to allow women ongoing control over their image and the ability to receive rightful compensation for its usage and distribution. Link in bio for more information
04/26/2021 06:24
Before Sly @renellaice
04/23/2021 05:54
Mask break for mom @loopsbeauty
04/21/2021 07:44
If it seems like I’m always breastfeeding it’s because I am
04/17/2021 05:14
Obsessed with @truebotanicals Calm Pure Radiance Oil. It’s been my skin savior while pregnant and breastfeeding. Made with nourishing, calming and deeply hydrating seed oils and certified SAFE for both baby and me ????
04/15/2021 03:13
Mom’s night out
04/05/2021 04:34
My bunny
04/04/2021 11:02
Beautiful boy
03/24/2021 06:04
In between pushes/first moments with Sly. Life!
03/17/2021 05:09

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