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by phil
07/07/2020 09:41
07/01/2020 07:53
David Wojnarowicz CLOSE TO THE KNVIES
06/24/2020 11:40
WE WILL STAY LOUD. Black Lives Matter.
06/07/2020 08:11
This is not a time for silence, nor is it a time for complacency. This is a time to mobilise, to unite and to start learning. Learning about our PRIVILEGE. Systemic white privilege that means we do not have to fear for our lives by simply LIVING, that means our skin colour does not actively disadvantage us and put us in danger. I am aware it can be difficult to know what to say or do in matters that are not our lived experience but we must not defer to silence or inaction and the protection of whiteness that it provides. There is a lot for us to learn and we should not be afraid of questioning our implicit beliefs and unconsciously racist behaviours. We must interrogate our complacency and our reluctance to engage with uncomfortable truths, arm ourselves with knowledge, and above all we must listen to, uplift and support black voices. We need to hold ourselves and those around us accountable, and let our voices and actions to match the enormity of this injustice. It shouldn’t take the loss of another life or another unjust arrest. And there is no place for mere ‘shock’ or ‘disbelief’ at these events, this suggests a lack of understanding and a failure to recognise how we are all implicit, however unwittingly that may be. Racism and white supremacy are so much more than these individual acts, they are built into the very fabric of our society. We need to LIFT UP and SUPPORT BLACK PEOPLE IN SOCIETY IN THIS FIGHT FOR EQUALITY. So LISTEN, DONATE, SPEAK, SHARE, READ, LEARN, CONTRIBUTE, MOBILISE. We may no longer sit quietly, politely and stutter gently our horror at acts of racial violence whilst resting comfortably in the knowledge that this is something that would never effect us. Our support, our knowledge, our action is long overdue. HEAR IT, SAY IT BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER There is a LINK IN MY BIO to direct you to where you can access incredible resources, places for you to donate and the petitions to sign. #blacklivesmatter
05/31/2020 01:11
Matisse was known for his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship
05/07/2020 09:26
some sky, bits of poems by Mary Oliver, a man in an inflatable boat I passed on my walk the other day (?)
05/01/2020 08:34
lately I been feelin kinda
04/26/2020 06:23
for @britishvogue #thegreatindoors At this point Spencer said frankly I was playing too slowly and ruining this game of Spit for everyone. I said Spencer I know you’re very talented at cards and struggle playing with those less proficient than yourself but we’re in lockdown and honestly I’m doing my best. After this he was very understanding (but he still won the round)
04/16/2020 08:34
idek tbh
04/02/2020 09:06
Did a poem exchange, these are some poems or extracts from poems I was sent by lovely friends and lovely strangers ???? I Go Back To The House For A Book -Billy Collins Having A Coke With You - Frank O’Hara The Romance - Shel Silverstein Coat - Vicki Feaver Leaving Early - Sylvia Plath Whales and Men - Cormac McCarthy
03/31/2020 01:08
day 7 stay safe. stay home.
03/23/2020 09:19