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♥️???????? @cuttsy_31
01/12/2021 01:49
Chatting to the bosslady (@_anna_stone ) ahead to tonight’s #BBL match.. Looks like I’m talking to myself, but she’s there I promise! ???????? Miss seeing the @7cricket crew in Melbourne this season. #bbl
01/10/2021 12:21
Never let anyone dull your (@affinitydiamonds ) sparkle... ✨ #affinitydiamonds #henne
01/09/2021 01:00
Just me and all my friends.. ????????‍♀️ #ridingsolo #bubblelife @7cricket #bbl10
01/07/2021 02:07
Can’t wait for a little more @hairandmakeupbyariela & @amy.jean.official brow magic ????????♥️
01/06/2021 01:21
@thunderbbl still my pick for @bbl champions this year ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Who’ve you got..? @fy___smile #bbl10
01/05/2021 12:59
One of the scariest myths out there regarding sun safety is that if it’s overcast, you can’t get burnt right? WRONG! It’s SO important to protect your skin even when it’s not super-sunny outside, as harmful UV rays can penetrate clouds. Sicari isn’t too happy that it’s slowing down ‘walkies’ time, but protecting skin from sun damage is critical. My all-time fave #sunscreen to wear under my makeup is @larocheposayaunz’s Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF50+ as it’s ultra-lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-greasy & leaves zero white marks! ☀️???? #sponsored #larocheposay #AntheliosEveryDay #healthyskin
01/04/2021 10:24
Do we call it work..? @7cricket @BBL action happening right now!! Thanks to @bridgetbellstylist @zeik_makeup_stylist for the DIY bubble styling kit ♥️????????
01/03/2021 12:22
FINALLY IN THE BUBBLE BABY!! ???????????????????????? Missed this kid @cuttsy_31
01/02/2021 02:21
We had to think about it for a few seconds... but @sicarithehusky ‘s thoughts on 2021 are pretty clear ???????????? #happ
01/01/2021 12:10
#NYE for one (& a puppy) in #Iso... ???????? 2020 certainly wasn’t what we bargained for. The loss of close family, long separation from loved ones, 2 cancelled weddings, lockdowns, & a burglary to cap off the year, I’m certainly having a Moet to celebrate surviving. Here’s to the wonderful friends & family who kept me sane. I love you all immensely, & I couldn’t have done a day of 2020 without you all ♥️ #happynewyear
12/31/2020 02:07
A quick snap of @dandoesmakeup ‘s handiwork before the ???? got involved! @affinitydiamonds to go with the look (as always) @7cricket #bbl
12/30/2020 12:41

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