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Supporting fellow Latina artists that I love. @teresita.fernandez Besos y cariño Teresita. Please keep lifting us all through your art ???? Repost from @teresita.fernandez:   My piece “3:37PM” from 2001 is now in @sfmoma collection and on view starting this month in their exhibition Contemporary Optics: Olafur Eliasson, Teresita Fernández, and Anish Kapoor. Video @miss.hautemess
04/28/2021 09:18
An appreciation post for The Goddess @the_real_iman Not only insanely out of this world beautiful but the coolest sweetest broad ever. I miss her. I adore her. I beyond respect her. If you don’t know her as a business woman, she has @imanglobalchic and @imancosmetics ????
04/21/2021 07:27
I’m often asked what my favorite red carpet dress is. This @versace is definitely up there. Im not often asked what my favorite parenting quote is, but I’ll post it anyway. Please slide if you care. ????
04/19/2021 09:33
Really Miss Welch?! Seriously?! Come on! No words. ????
04/15/2021 07:58
My friend and my favorite clown @shannonplumb I had the best time bringing her sketches to life. This is one where we basically do the opposite of what we’re suppose to do. Silly, no? #choppedliver
04/14/2021 10:33
Sometimes I feel helpless with so much going on in the world. A friend just reminded me about something very powerful. I feel like everything starts at home. After such a challenging year, our kids need us more than ever. I know mine do anyway. I can only speak for myself. Please swipe for the reminder that made me smile. Sending lotsa love out there.
04/13/2021 10:36
Belleza Cubana Olga Chaviano ????
04/10/2021 11:16
Talking about my amazing Mami and how she would celebrate the tiniest things I did when I was little. Every little drawing went up on the fridge. All my attempts were celebrated as accomplishments. She worked so hard to provide for us. Her second job was at the iconic Chinese Theatre when I was about 7-11 years old. I’d go with her every weekend. It planted many seeds that would come to fruition 20 years later when one of my films premiered there. It’s so cool to look back and connect the dots sometimes. Te quiero Mami ❤️
04/09/2021 08:34
Loving these tees from @jaraeholieway Love supporting female owned businesses. Especially someone like Jarae who has her own iconic vision. ????????????
04/08/2021 08:52
I love reading @drbeckyathome posts. This one really resonated with me. Here I am in deep thought -yes this is what I do when pondering. I find good light and throw my arm up. Try it. It works. Swipe right read what i was thinking...
04/07/2021 07:54
I was Momming out so hard yesterday. ???? Pandemic brows in full effect. ????
04/05/2021 08:44
So happy to finally go to Abulela’s house but why does it take me TWO hours to leave the house? I only have two kids but getting out the door takes SO long. Parents out there, do you know what I’m sayin? Advice?❤️
04/03/2021 11:38

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