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Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes ????????. __________________________________________ Pony grooming with my numero uno ????????
10/19/2021 02:33
Any day spent with you is my favourite day, So, today is my new favourite day ????‍????❤️. ____________________________________ Half term stay cay has began ???? getting some R&R with Little Miss Munch & my Mamma. I have to admit, Sunday has not stopped making us laugh. I think I can finally say the terrible twos and threenager years are leaving us. Wooooooooop! From her funny sentences to her silly little ways. I think 4 is definitely my favourite thus far. What’s your favourite age?
10/16/2021 12:02
Making new friends be like… what’s your name? ????… ______________________________ Thank you so much for everyone who tuned into this series of #firsttimemum. You can binge the whole series now via ITV HUB. Link in the bio.
10/13/2021 04:00
It’s the finale ????????????????????‍????????. _______________________________________ I cannot believe we have come to the end of this series of #firsttimemum - Sunday finishes nursery and starts school and I finally get to celebrate my 30th ????. Plus a surprise performance from me on the decks ???????????????????? I guess I had to make use of the decks I bought for my ex ???????? tune in tonight 9pm @itvbe or you can watch now via the ITV HUB
10/12/2021 08:08
#MarysMealsChallenge ???? I find it truly incredible that global charity @MarysMeals can feed a child in their place of education for an entire school year for just £15.90! That’s why I’ve teamed up with them and challenged myself to see how many meals we can make for just £15.90 in the UK. This is my third recipe in the £15.90 cooking challenge and today it’s a tasty Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Almond Curry ???? You’ll find the recipes I’ve made and more about Mary’s Meals on the @Marysmeals website (link in bio) #MarysMeals
10/12/2021 04:28
The cutest pumpkin in the patch ???? ????‍????. _______________________________________ Pumpkin picking fun with Sunday’s besties yesterday. We went to @hurleysfarm with @cmariecable @kayleyshuttleworth ????????????. I always get carried away around #halloween and legit leave with about 20 pumpkins. Who else is doing a little pumpkin / Halloween display this year ? ????????‍♀️
10/10/2021 09:16
Did you know that today is World Porridge Day? ???? I love porridge so I’m definitely celebrating and even more so now I realise this day was set up by amazing global school feeding charity @marysmeals . They use this day to celebrate the power of porridge because it is a nutritious mug of vitamin-enriched porridge that they serve to school children in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to help them learn and grow! And it only costs them £15.90 to feed a child for a whole school year, so I’ve challenged myself to see how many meals I can make for the same amount in the UK. This is my second recipe in my three week £15.90 cooking challenge and today it’s a porridge themed ‘oatalicious’ dish of Baked Oats and Berry Compote. You’ll find the recipe and more about Mary’s Meals on the @marysmeals website (link in my bio). #worldporridgeday #marysmeals #marysmealschallenge
10/10/2021 02:45
Sunday and I had the best day behind the scenes at LIVE. ❤️????????????????❤️‍???????? From the fiercest dance moves to the catchy tunes, I know we are going to love seeing our favourite LO.L. Dolls live on stage for the ultimate family concert! Who’s got tickets for the tour?! ????????‍♀️ #ad #LolSurpriseLive
10/09/2021 12:46
It amazes me that global charity. @marysmeals feeds a child a meal a day for an entire school year for just £15.90! I’m so inspired by their work that I’ve teamed up with them again, this time for a cooking challenge to see how many meals we can make for just £15.90! ???? *I managed to make 4 meals serving 4 people.* ???????? Are you up for the challenge to see how many meals you can cook for just £15.90? ???????? Over the next 3 weeks I’ll be sharing the meal recipes I managed to rustle up for £15.90. The first meal is this delicious Indian Red Lentil Dahl ???? Watch the video to see how I get on... RECIPE IS IN THE LINK IN MY BIO (on @marysmeals website ) To find out more about the £15.90 challenge and how you can support Mary’s Meals visit #marysmealschallenge
10/07/2021 10:00
If your little ones like football as much as Sunday, they’ll LOVE this activity ⚽ _____________________________________ To check out more fun and low cost activities that you can do with your children, indoors or out, head over to @PomBearUK to watch the full video ❤️ #GetActiveWithPomBear #AD
10/06/2021 08:00

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