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What a gift to be able to sit & teach your child….& have fun ❤️????. _________________________________ Sunday absolutely loves her new learning folder from @littlelearningbears The Grizzly Bear Folder, which is the next stage up from the one we had before, is just amazing! It is so fun and engaging and Sunday hasn’t put it down since it arrived! It has been created by a primary school teacher, making it even more perfect for children preparing for school. It also makes a lovely learning activity for the summer holidays! ???? #ad #education #educate #teach
07/19/2021 09:53
Happy Freedom Day ????????. __________________________________ Lovely little lunchtime event celebrating @voguewilliams children’s occasional collection with @rococlothing congrats babes. The collection is so beautiful. It felt too good to be back at an event. Thankyou for having me. ???? #voguexroco #freedomday
07/19/2021 05:59
Take a taste ????. _________________________________ Wow @tasteoflondon was DREAMY. My kind of festival being a foodie. Felt so good to be at a festival eating good good food #festival #normality #food #foodporn
07/18/2021 11:10
A little bit of heaven goes along way ????. ___________________________________ Skin care is so important to me so I have partnered with the amazing @heavenskincare to show you guys this incredible Nettle Venom range with all the benefits we love! Anti ageing, targeting puffiness, dark lines and wrinkles as well as the products being vegan and cruelty free ???? which you all know I’m all about. I love these products so much that I have my own code if you would like to get involved with these heavenly products, it’s FERNE20 Enjoy! #heavenskincare #selfcare AD #skincare @sakuagency
07/14/2021 09:27
Football’s coming up apparently ????????????????????????????????????⚽️. #itscominghome
07/11/2021 10:50
Well this was a lot of fun! What a privilege to be starring in the last #DramaVsReality film with my arch-enemy @richkidcampbell . ???? #TeamReality @ITV @ITVBe
07/10/2021 10:19
IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL PEOPLE ???????????????????? @richkidcampbell tonight. @itv @ITVBe #DramaVsReality #TeamReality
07/09/2021 06:08
Ahhhh the best day at W I M B L E D O N watching the women’s semi finals ???????? ____________________________________ Thankyou so much @elizabetharden for inviting me it was such a wonderful day.????????❤️ #reachfor8 #ardenxwimbledon
07/08/2021 09:43
Happy L.O.L. Surprise! Day! Sunday LOVES her @LOLSurprise.UK dolls, so we’re so excited to have the newest additions to add to the family – the L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens!????✨ Me and Sunday have spent our morning dancing around to the new L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens music video, see our dance moves on my stories! ???? The Tweens are available to purchase now @AmazonUK ???? #LOLSurpriseTweens #LOLSurprise707 #AD
07/07/2021 04:03
Cornwall diaries part 2 ????????. _______________________________________ Wow what a trip. I’ve never been to a more beautiful place in the UK. I will 100% be back so many wonderful beaches to visit. The best memories made with my princess and besties. *I do not own the rights to this music. Song ???? Lujon - Henry Mancini. #cornwall #helfordpassage #helford #cornwallcoast
07/06/2021 09:06

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