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peace out 2020! thank you all for your continued support of both me and @gpolishofficial. sending well wishes and love your way for the new year ???? here’s to better days ahead
01/03/2021 11:15
✨happy birthday @knightkarla!! Loved celebrating you last night. Your daughters (Nellie and I) love you to the moon and back! Thanks @jitlada_la for the delicious stay-at-home Thai feast. Support local businesses if you can!! ????
12/29/2020 03:37
In my happy place: playing board games in this fun sweater and counting down the last days of 2020. Sending love everyone’s way ????
12/27/2020 05:52
I’m feelin’ 22!! ???????? Cozy birthday at home surrounded by lots of love.
12/24/2020 12:17
When your nails match the poinsettias????Feeling festive in Rouge @gpolishofficial
12/21/2020 12:48
Wearing Hell’s Kitchen @gpolishofficial ???? by @zulema.mp4
12/17/2020 11:46
i love december
12/16/2020 10:31
New @gpolishofficial collection coming 12/12 ????????????
12/11/2020 02:05
where you’ll find me these days: at my desk, working on finals, dirty salad bowl in the background- but at least my nails look good!!! (Cinnamon from @gpolishofficial ????????)
12/07/2020 11:26
???? Lemon Tart @gpolishofficial
12/06/2020 03:59
moments over months
12/01/2020 08:28
just being a ????golden hour???? diva in @gpolishofficial Bel Air
11/23/2020 11:44

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