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Well DAYUM!!!! 49 and FOREVER FINE!! @essence_says 1st cover and I couldn't be more proud of her. Thank you @bsm_mag for seeing my girl for the true ⭐ that she is. ????????????????????????????????????????
05/04/2021 05:32
Got him!!! We were finally able to surprise @dwyanewade & truly celebrate him & all his accomplishments. Big thanks to @lobos1707 for the tacos and tequila! Perfect way to celebrate @dwyanewade success and partnership with the Utah Jazz!! #EveryoneIsFullyVaccinated #allforthepack ???? @kingjames @mrserinharris @diegoosorio1
05/04/2021 12:09
That ???? on my face tho ????
05/03/2021 02:13
Waiting on my Duckie #PrettyInPink #bts @people
05/01/2021 08:22
When I leave for work before @kaaviajames wakes up, she sends me these sweet videos. Sometimes those videos go left ???????????????????????? #EverybodyFarts #HappyFriday
04/30/2021 07:06
????x ????=???????? #BTS @people
04/30/2021 04:46
Sit-TING babbyyyyy ???? ???? #bts
04/29/2021 09:24
Today’s #WCW is a Grammy winner and, as of last weekend, an Academy Award winner; @hermusicofficial. At only 23 years old, she is already making a name for herself as an R&B icon. She lends her voice and her platform to lift up all those around her. She is a truth teller, and a fighter for all that is right in this world. Her new new single #ComeThrough just came out, and has been on loop in our household. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.
04/28/2021 09:51
So excited for you guys to check us out on the new cover of @people ???????????? We are talking about our new children's book #ShadyBaby , family, dealing with bigots, protecting the peace and safety of our loved ones, mental health, adventures in potty training and so much more. Available on stands Friday! @dwyanewade ????
04/28/2021 07:01
Because I had more s**t to say... My new book “You Got Anything Stronger?” is available for preorder now at the link in bio. #yougotanythingstronger #shitgotreal
04/27/2021 07:15
Numb to it. Deep sigh. Eye roll. Keep it pushing ????????✌????????????‍♀️????
04/26/2021 09:42
We Out The ????. Date Night with @dwyanewade ❤️????by @zayawade & @pretty.fac3_miy_
04/25/2021 05:22

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