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09/14/2021 08:51
Te quiero Quito
09/07/2021 08:55
Nine years ago I asked my bf at the time for a kitten that I could name Archimedes for my birthday and instead he got me an English Bulldog. He was the first pet I had on my own. I worked three jobs and was never home, Archie had to come with me. To work, lunch breaks, errands, appointments, shopping and auditions. He taught me about responsibility, Unconditional love from an animal and a bond that I’ve never had with anyone else. He made the hard years better than I knew. I miss him more than I can put into words. I’m deeply heartbroken and devastated beyond belief. But mostly I’m grateful. So grateful that we found each other. For all the time we had. For all the adventures. I’m so happy for all the memories I get to keep and for how much richer he made my life. We raised each other. I’m the woman I am today in part because of Archie. I wish I could have done it forever.
08/23/2021 10:06
Donde ando
08/13/2021 04:09
06/21/2021 10:57
06/19/2021 09:45
I learned there’s no such thing as night sparrows. They were in fact bats
06/04/2021 10:12
270 miles down the Colorado river. 8 days. 12 friends. 45 degree water. 3 rolls of film. 3 bottles of sunscreen. Lost count of the waterfalls. But we made it down the Grand Canyon
05/22/2021 08:43
A South Dakota story
05/10/2021 08:50
05/08/2021 08:03

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